5e Psionics Revised

My edition of psionics for D&D 5e is now available on this site and at GMbinder (Firefox/Edge version also available). This rules set is over 150 pages and includes classes, player options, system rules for psychic impressions, hauntings, poltergeists, and…

Paladin – Oath of the Sohei

Playtest This is a warrior monk subclass using the paladin chasis. I first attempted a build of this class using monk, but adding traditional weapons and armor used by the sohei to the monk class just felt too transformative, so…

Monk – Way of the Ninja

Playtest A more weapon focused monk with kit centered around a ninja’s ability to infiltrate and spy. Way of the Ninja Get it at GMBinder

More Weapons

Release Additional weapon options for D&D 5e. Includes more finesse weapons, some Asian-themed weapons, and the buckler shield. Equipment


Therin Creative is where I share my creations for Dungeons & Dragons, and eventually other stuff, with you, the viewer. Creations will get tagged as either for playtest or released. Playtest materials are still being playtested, so keep in mind…