Fractured Mutant

These transcendents have mastered techniques to split their forms, creating something like a clone. They make for excellent scouts and messengers with replaceable body doubles, and can be formidable in battle with their talent for attacking from multiple angles at once.

Fractured Mutant Features
Transcendent LevelFeature
3rdFission, Multiplied Self
6thShared Focus
10thClone Tactics


3rd-level Fractured Mutant feature

You can create a copy of you – a fractured self – as an action. You reduce your maximum hit point count by an amount you chose which can’t exceed half your current hit points; your fractured self has a current and maximum hit point count equal to twice this amount. Your fractured self has nonmagical duplicates of your equipment, and shares your statistics, but not your class features. It shares your initiative count and takes its turn immediately after yours. It can make its own reactions.

When your fractured self is reduced to 0 hit points, or when you recall it as an action, it and any equipment created with it dissolves, and your hit point maximum is restored by the amount you invested in it. If it has any remaining hit points when you recall it, you regain half of its remaining hit points (rounded up).

You are aware of what your fractured self senses, but don’t see through its eyes or hear through its ears. When you recall it, you gain all of its memories.

As a bonus action you can direct your fractured self to move and take an action, which must be the Attack, Dash, Disengage, Help, Search, or Use an Object action. You forfeit the damage of your Martial Focus feature when you direct a fractured self. If you don’t direct it, it takes the Dodge action. When your fractured self takes the Attack action, it makes only one attack.

Starting at 5th level, you can direct your fractured self in place of an attack when you take the Attack action.

You can only have one fractured self at a time and must recall an existing one before you can make a new one. A fractured self can never be more than 1 mile away from you, and if forced beyond this range, it has its hit points reduced to 0.

Multiplied Self

3rd-level Fractured Mutant feature

You add the body control power, or another power of your choice from the transcendent list if you already have it, to the list of powers you know. In addition, your fractured self gains the benefit of a psychometabolism power that is in effect on you, which must be: accelerated healing, adaptability, biomorphic skin, body control, chameleon, or living weapon. Since you are the source of the power, your fractured self never needs to make Constitution saving throws to maintain the power.

Shared Focus

7th-level Fractured Mutant feature

When you have the psionic focused condition, your fractured self deals additional psychic damage equal to your Martial Insight feature’s bonus damage die when it hits a target with a melee weapon attack.

Clone Tactics

11th-level Fractured Mutant feature

Your fractured self gains the following the benefits:

  • Weapon attacks it makes count as magical for the purpose of overcoming damage resistance and immunity.
  • When it is within 5 feet of you and you are attacked by a melee attack, it can use its reaction to force that attack to be made with disadvantage.


15th-level Fractured Mutant feature

If you are reduced to 0 hit points while your fractured self is within 30 feet of you, you can transfer your conscious to it, sacrificing it in order to survive. If you are concentrating on a power, you continue to concentrate on it without interruption.

In addition, when your body is transformed against your will, you can take a reaction and swap positions with your fractured clone, allowing it to be transformed instead of you, provided it is within 30 feet of you.


18th-level Fractured Mutant feature

As an action, you can choose to create a number of additional fractured selves equal to your Wisdom modifier (minimum of one). Each fractured self shares it hit points and maximum hit point count with the first fractured self you create, and you only regain your hit point maximum or hit points when the last fractured self is recalled or reduced to 0 hit points. When you use your bonus action to direct a fractured self, you can direct as many of your selves to move and act as you choose. The additional fractured selves automatically dissolve after 1 minute.

In addition, as an action you can swap position with one of your fractured selves within 60 feet of you.

After using this feature, you can’t use it again until you finish a long rest.