Conjure Minor Elementals

Conjure minor elementals summon elementals with a challenge rating of 2 or less. Monsters on this list use the stat blocks of the creature in parentheses from the Monster Manual, but have their type changed to elemental.

1/413 mud mephits, 2 smoke mephits, and 3 steam mephits
1/422 mud mephits, and 2 steam mephits, and 4 frost cohorts (skeletons)
1/433 mud mephits, 2 frost cohorts (skeletons), and 3 vagrant wisps (winged kobolds)
1/44any 8 mephits (mud, smoke, or steam)
1/214 magmin
1/222 dust mephits and 2 ice mephits
1/232 magmin and 2 magma mephits
1/244 stonescale warriors (lizardfolk)
11−22 fire snakes
132 burning portents (hippogriff)
141 fire snake and 1 burning portent (hippogriff)
211 azer
221 gargoyle
231 terra worm (grick)
241 Aquaan rager (merrow)