Therin Creative is where I share my creations for Dungeons & Dragons, and eventually other stuff, with you, the viewer.

Creations will get tagged as either for playtest or released.

Playtest materials are still being playtested, so keep in mind that they might not be fully balanced. If you encounter issues with any of these, please contact me via playtest@therincreative.com and provide as much detail about the issue as you can.

Released are materials that have been vetted through playtesting and should be 100% ready to go for insertion into any normal game. If you homebrew the basics, you may wish to do so with any materials you get from me.

Players! Always consult your DM as whether or not to include third party materials.

DMs! Materials should be fine to use with the core books and most first party releases. I make no attempt to balance with regard to third party materials. If an issue arises combining multiple third party materials, use DM fiat to fix it.

All feedback on creations should be directed to playtest@therincreative.com.

Thank you.

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