The Psychic and Spiritual Handbook is available through DMs Guild (

The Psychic and Spiritual Handbook is a full-featured supplement for 5th edition Dungeon & Dragons that introduces a tested and balanced psionic powers system. It also includes:

  • 3 new classes
  • 13 subclasses
  • 4 races
  • 9 new feats
  • 29 new spells
  • 75 unique psionic powers across the five disciples
  • Rules for running spiritfonts (psychic impressions, hauntings, and poltergeists)
  • A deeper rule set for running possession
  • The Plane of Dreams
  • Psychic gear and magical items
  • Over 40 new monsters and NPCs to challenge your PCs

The Psychic and Spiritual Handbook is freely available so if you can’t afford to pay for it, aren’t convinced it’s worth your money, or would prefer to put your money toward helping a charity or Ukraine, you can get the Psychic and Spiritual Handbook for $0 and enjoy all it offers.

For the class icons used for the classes, click here.