Expanded Series

The Expanded Series adds new content for each each class, including optional features and subclasses. Also in each expansion are guidelines for creating new subclasses along with character concepts to help jump-start characters into play. Each title is available through Dungeon Masters Guild.

Expanded Ranger



  • Optional features for the ranger class and the Beast Master, Hunter, and Monster Hunter ranger archetypes
  • Four new subclasses: Kite, Seeker, Sleuth, and Zephyr
  • Expanded options for the Ranger’s Companion and Primal Companion features

Expanded Sorcerer



  • Optional features for the sorcerer class and all pre-Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything sorcerous origins
  • Four new subclasses: Arboreal Magic, Rimewoad Sorcery, Schism Soul, and Slitherscale Bloodline
  • Seventeen new spells and two Wild Magic Surge overhaul options