Armor and Weapons

In this section, a wide array of new armor and weapons is presented for groups looking to expand the variety of arms and armor available to characters.

ArmorCostArmor Class (AC)StrengthStealthWeight
Light Armor     
   Bone mail60 gp12 + Dex modifier15 lb.
Medium Armor     
   Scaled hide75 gp13 + Dex modifier (max 2)25 lb.
   Lacquered100 gp14 + Dex modifier (max 2)Disadvantage30 lb.
   Chitin600 gp14 + Dex modifier (max 2)20 lb.
   Carapace1,000 gp15 + Dex modifier (max 2)Disadvantage35 lb.
Heavy Armor     
   Shell150 gp15Str 13Disadvantage40 lb.
   Armguard5 gp+01 lb.
   Buckler8 gp+13 lb.
   Tower Shield50 gp+2Str 15Disadvantage20 lb.

Nonmetal Alternatives. Studded leather can use wood or bone studs instead of metal studs. Likewise, the scales or carapaces of large creatures can be fashioned into a suit of scale mail, much like how dragon scale armor is crafted. Substituting armor material in this way requires custom work, and depending on the rarity and complexity of the materials, buyers should expect at least a 25% markup.

Armguard. An armguard is a form of defense compatible with archery and two-handed melee combat. They include metal and leather bracers, gauntlets, and vambraces. Wearing an armguard doesn’t count as holding it in your hand, freeing the use of your hand for other tasks, such as attacking with both hands or casting a spell. When you are attacked, you can use your reaction to increase your AC by 1 the end of the turn.

Bone Mail. This armor is comprised of padded armor with a weave made of animal or monster bones stitched into its fabric. It often includes a skirt of composite bone and wood. Some sets of bone mail incorporate chest and rib bones that serve mainly as decoration.

Buckler. A buckler is a smaller shield held in the hand instead of strapped on the arm. A buckler can be equipped and unequipped as readily as a weapon.

Carapace. Made from the hardened shells of monstrous crustaceans, carapace armor is a breastplate worn over a padded shirt. It may include a padded coat or skirt.

Chitin. Chitin armor features plates of treated exoskeletons from gigantic insects. Typically this armor is fashioned into a breastplate and leggings, using leather around joints for flexibility.

Lacquered. This lamellar armor features lacquerer wood plates and bands instead of metal, stitched into a canvas coat.

Scale Hide. Scaled hide armor uses treated hides from giant lizards and drakes for enhanced protection at the cost of added weight.

Shell. This armor is crafted from the shells of turtles or tortoises. It features a breastplate and backplate made of a single large, carved shell, or multiple small shells, and includes armguards and leggings made of a ribbing of split shells.

Tower Shield. This massive shield provides cover for the entire body. On a turn in which you don’t move more than 10 feet using your speed, you gain half cover against ranged weapon attacks. As an action, you can set your shield and duck behind it granting you three-quarters cover until you move, make an attack, or the start of your next turn.

A tower shield can’t be used as a spellcasting focus. A character is considered proficient with tower shields if it is proficient in heavy armor, shields, and martial weapons. Holding a tower shield counts as wearing heavy armor.

Simple Melee Weapons
   Catch pole1 gp5 lb.Entangling, two-handed
   Claw4 gp1d4 slashing1 lb.Finesse, light, unarmed
   Control rod5 gp1 piercing7 lb.Barbed, entangling, two-handed
   Knuckle duster1 gp1d4 bludgeoning1/2 lb.Light, unarmed
   Kukri2 gp1d4 slashing1 lb.Finesse, light, thrown (range 20/60)
   Scythe1 gp1d8 slashing4 lb.Two-handed
   Spiked knuckle2 gp1d4 piercing1 lb.Light, unarmed
   Swordstaff5 gp1d6 slashing4 lb.Versatile (1d8)
Simple Ranged Weapons
   Bola8 sp1 bludgeoning1 lb.Entangling, thrown (range 20/60)
   Boomerang5 sp1d4 bludgeoning1/2 lb.Thrown (range 20/60)
Martial Melee Weapons
   Ball and chain20 gp1d12 bludgeoning12 lb.Heavy, two-handed
   Beaked mace8 gp1d6 bludgeoning4 lb.Double (piercing)
   Bladespear15 gp1d8 slashing5 lb.Reach, two-handed
   Estoc50 gp1d10 piercing5 lb.Finesse, two-handed
   Great scimitar40 gp1d10 slashing5 lb.Finesse, two-handed
   Light flail8 gp1d6 bludgeoning2 lb.Finesse, light
   Longspear5 gp1d8 piercing5 lb.Reach, two-handed
   Lucerne hammer20 gp1d10 bludgeoning7 lb.Heavy, reach, two-handed
   Parrying dagger10 gp1d4 piercing1 lb.Blocking, finesse, light
   Saber20 gp1d8 slashing3 lb.Finesse
   Sickle and chain25 gp1d4 slashing2 lb.Double (bludgeoning, reach), two-handed
   Trident (revised)5 gp1d8 piercing4 lb.Thrown (range 20/60), versatile (1d10)
   Triple Staff15 gp1d10 bludgeoning5 lb.Two-handed
   War chain10 gp1d8 bludgeoning5 lb.Reach, two-handed
Martial Ranged Weapons
   Shuriken5 sp1d4 slashing1/4 lb.Finesse, light, thrown (range 20/60)


A new property is included with the weapons.

Barbed. A creature grappled by a weapon with this property takes 1d4 piercing damage the first time on a turn that it attempts to escape the grapple. You don’t add your Strength bonus to this weapon’s damage.

Blocking. While wielding a weapon with the blocking property, when you are attacked, you can use your reaction to increase your AC by 1 the end of the turn.

Double. A weapon with the double property has an alternate method of attack, such as an attached chain or a different head attached to the end of a shaft. When using this alternative option, the weapon gains any property and has its damage type changed as listed in parentheses.

Entangling. After you hit a creature with a weapon with the entangling property, you can attempt to grapple it (no action required by you). A creature remains grappled until it removes the weapon. A weapon held by you requires an opposed grapple check to escape, while one no longer held by you, such as a bola, has an escape DC equal to 10.

Unarmed. With this weapon, you can replace its damage amount with your unarmed strike damage, but the weapon maintains its damage type. Class features and feat with effect unarmed strikes can be applied to a weapon with the unarmed property.