Acrobats are rogues that choose to master athletics and gymnastics. These rogues tend to be more mobile, leveraging their abilities to get to spots other characters can’t reach without magic. While many double as entertainers, others pursue the craft to better manage clandestine operations.

Acrobat Features
Rogue LevelFeature
3rdAcrobatic Footwork, Tumble Strikes
13thFleet of Foot

Acrobatic Footwork

3rd-level Acrobat feature

Your leaps and tumbles are extraordinarily adroit. You only need to move 5 feet to make a running jump. Whenever your jump causes you to contact a surface or object larger than you, you can spring from it to immediately jump again. This jump counts as a running jump.

In addition, standing up from being prone never costs you more than 5 feet of movement.

Tumble Strikes

3rd-level Acrobat feature

While jumping and tumbling, you can time your strikes to bypass the guard of a foe. You have advantage on your attack roll whenever you tumble at least 10 feet and then make an attack with a weapon. Tumbling includes the following feats:

  • You jump at least 10 feet. Multiple jumps from your Acrobatic Footwork feature stack to determine your jump distance.
  • You move at least 5 feet away from a hostile creature that isn’t incapacitated without being hit by an opportunity attack.
  • You move through a hostile creature’s space, provided the creature isn’t incapacitated.
  • You stand up from being knocked prone unless you are prone because of a fall or you chose to drop prone.


9th-level Acrobat feature

You can fall distances of up to 30 feet without taking damage, and you make no sound when landing from a jump or fall that doesn’t deal damage to you. Moreover, moving through difficult terrain costs you no extra movement.

Fleet of Foot

13th-level Acrobat feature

You can move through the space of another creature without spending additional movement or provoking opportunity attacks.

In addition, you can make a running jump without needing to move first and increase the distance you can jump by 5 feet.


17th-level Acrobat feature

When you take the Attack and hit a target with a weapon attack, you can draw a weapon that has the thrown property and make one attack with it as part of the Attack action, provided you throw it. You have advantage on this attack roll and score a critical hit on a 19 or 20 with it.