Circle of Balance

Those of the Circle of Balance are guardians of the Material Plane against intrusions from the Feywild and Elemental Planes. When there are no extraplanar threats, these druids act as liaisons between civilization and wilderness cultures, operating to create peace to preserve the lands and its people. They are frequently neutral in their dealings with others, but will join forces with the underdog in a struggle to maintain balance between sides to prevent the dominance of one side or the other, but never join outright evil causes. Druids of this circle seek peace and mutual prosperity for the denizens of their domains.

Circle of Balance Features
Druid LevelFeature
2ndMight of the Guardian, Wyld Negotiator
10thWyld Barrier
14thForce of Will

Might of the Guardian

2nd-level Circle of Balance feature

Once on each of your turns when you deal cold, fire, lightning, or radiant damage with a druid spell, you can add your Wisdom modifier to one damage roll of that spell.

Wyld Negotiator

2nd-level Circle of Balance feature

You can read and speak Sylvan and one humanoid language of your choice. In addition, you can add your Wisdom modifier on Charisma (Persuasion) checks you make with a fey, a member of your race, or a humanoid whose language chose with this feature.


6th-level Circle of Balance feature

You always have the flame blade spell prepared and can cast it without material components. You can cast it once without expending a spell slot, and you regain the ability to do so when you finish a long rest.

Whenever you start casting the spell, you can modify it so that it doesn’t require concentration and burns brighter. If you do so, the spell’s duration becomes 1 minute and it deals an extra 2d6 damage on a hit for that casting. The extra damage increase by 2d6 at 10th (4d6) and 14th level (6d6).

Wyld Barrier

10th-level Circle of Balance feature

As an action, you can conceal the movements of you and your allies. You and each creature within 30 feet of you that you choose gain the benefits of the sanctuary spell and can’t be targeted by beasts, elementals, and fey for 1 hour or until one of you harms a creature.

After using this feature, you can’t use it again until you finish a long rest.

Force of Will

14th-level Circle of Balance feature

When you fail a Wisdom saving throw, you can take a reaction and expend one use of your Wild Shape feature to succeed instead.