Bred from humans and giants through magical means, half-giants are a people without a culture. Originally made to serve as labor for uncaring masters, these gentle giants toil on the behalf of others without complaint.

Built like a Mountain

Half-giants are immense, towering over other humanoids, with powerful musculature and broad shoulders. Female half-giants aren’t as bulky as their male counterparts, but still possess chiseled physiques. Half-giants have incredible endurance, able to work for hours on end without exhaustion.

    Most half-giants have ruddy skin and dark hair. Females tend to stand a bit over seven feet tall, while males are noticeably larger.

Impressionable and Reliable

As a people without a culture, half-giants are extremely adaptable, adopting the cultures and norms of the people they live among or travel among. Mistaken as being exceedingly agreeable, and in many cases dimwitted, other races often try and take advantage of half-giants. Rather, half-giants prefer to exist harmoniously with members of their adopted tribe or clan.

Half-Giant Names

When born, a half-giant is given a name, but as they grow older, they are usually given a new name, often by their friends. These given names are often based on some feature of their homes.

Female Given Names: Breath, Goldflower, Nibenay, Oasis, Raincaller, Sandrose, Sweetwater

Male Given Names: Drywell, Dunewalker, Raam, Saltwalker, Sandking, Stormrider, Sunharrower

Half-Giant Traits

As a half-giant, you possess a number of remarkable traits from your breeding.

    Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 2, and your Constitution score increases by 1.

    Age. Half-giants mature slowly, reaching adulthood when about 30 years old. Under normal circumstances, a half-giant is expected to live a little over one century.

    Alignment. Half-giants adapt their personalities to best fit with the people they associate. When half giants move to a new city or make new friends, their personalities tend to shift to fit in with the new group.

    Size. Half-giants are immense at heights around 7 to 8 feet, weighing up to 500 pounds. Your size is Medium.

    Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

    Giant. Your creature type is giant, granting you immunity to effects that only target humanoids.

    Unfaltering Endurance. Conditioned to work under great stress, you ignore the effects of the first level of exhaustion. When suffering exhaustion, once per short rest you may make a Constitution saving throw against a DC of 20 to shed one level of exhaustion.

    Powerful Build. You count as Large size for the purpose of being moved by another creature, such as through grapple and push or spells and powers such as levitate or suspension. When wielding a melee weapon with the heavy property, you can use it one handed, treating it as a versatile weapon. While doing so, the weapon is not considered heavy for the purpose of class features and feats. It is also considered two handed for the purpose of dual wielding. When you use a heavy weapon with both hands, you deal 2 extra weapon damage with it.

    Stomp. You can manifest tremor 3/day without augmentation. Charisma is your manifesting ability.

    Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common. Half-giants who live among another race also learn to speak, read, and write that race’s language.