Adventuring Options

This section provides options for options for adventuring.

Falling from Jumps

When you jump and fall a distance greater than you jumped, you can subtract the height of jump from the fall before calculating fall damage.

Safe Long Resting

Long rests allow a character to substantially recover lost resources, but many campaigns prefer to make benefiting from one require more effort, but without fully embracing a grittier tone. In order for a character to benefit from a long rest after 24 hours, two of the following conditions must be true. If all three conditions are met, a character benefits from a long rest after 8 hours.

  • The area and its vicinity must be safe. No hostile creature can be within 100 feet of the campsite.
  • The character must have protection from the environment. It needs a roof and enough cover to block the wind, as well as being elevated over damp or rough terrains.
  • The character must be comfortable. Most creatures need to rest in a bed with a blanket in a warm environment.