Power Edit Pass Complete

All powers have received an edit pass to sync language to style guidelines and clear it up too.

Some powers have received some minor balance adjustments and errata fixes.

Molecular Agitation and Stasis now simply use saving throw mechanics – no more attack roll interaction since they can’t crit.

Psychic Crush is a better damage cantrip at 1st-level, clocking in at 2d6 psychic damage (it’s the highest damage cantrip effect). This power is harder to balance like traditional cantrip damage effects because it has to sync with the psychic gray ooze of the Monster Manual. This means no tag on side effects and a way that augmenting it can hit 3d6 psychic damage.

Remote Sight has new higher level effects.

Spectral Armament now deals damage baseline, but takes an action (augment to use bonus action).