PSHB Update Notes

The Psychic and Spiritual Handbook will be update soon. Below are the update notes (they are substantial). Changes should be reflected on the site and GM Binder over the weekend.


This update covers classes, subclasses, and powers. Future updates will review the bestiary and other gameplay mechanics. Aside from the now defunct Synaptic Static condition, basic gameplay is doing well. I will be doing a post or series of post introducing how psionic powers work, sort of like a Psionic Powers 101, sometime in the future.

Reviews of Spiritfonts and possession will be done later in the spring or summer in conjuction with the bestiary – I would like to simplify the possession stat blocks if possible. On the bestiary side, innate psionic stat blocks might need improvement, and I am looking at eliminating creatures having both innate psionics and magic, but can’t be certain that it’ll work out – I gave the creatures with both, access to both for a reason based on what abilities they should have since I aimed to avoid duplicating spells with powers (and vice versa), so we’ll see.

Dreamscape update is still too new and needs more testing and played accounts. An adventure featuring the Dreamscape is being written and should be out around June to help test mechanics and to ensure it’s working as a building block.

Races have been pretty solid. “But Therin, where is the Xeph?” While the races in the appendix are reinterpretations of 3.5’s races, the Xeph was omitted (so was the thri-kreen). Unlike the maenad, I didn’t come up with a way to spin the Xeph as a psychic race that wasn’t just “it’s a human… with powers.” Maenad I was able to overhaul into a more distinct, even alien, race, and dromite I felt was well adapted to be more than just a reskinned halfling (honestly, I’m not hating on the Expanded Psionic Handbook writers, it’s just that the races felt too human to me). Elan was acceptable as it was easily a human subrace/variant, and Half-giant was fairly distinct (honestly, if WotC would have updated Dark Sun, I’d have cut the lovable brutes). Thri-kreen I never considered because I figured there were dozens of homebrewed versions out there and there was nothing very psionic about them as a core race (if there is desire, I’ll incorporate them in a nonpsychic race expansion later). This left the Xeph. In order to represent the Xeph, I felt I would need to write a completely new concept of them that skewed far from the 3.5 version that I felt would leave fans of the Xeph unhappy. I considered making it a gith subrace as it felt it could thematically fit, but dismissed it as potentially too controversion because since the era of Gygax there was Githyanki in the Astral Plane and Githzerai in Limbo and no other gith people. With the Elan, it made little sense to adapt Xeph as a human subrace, so this left it with no satisfying avenue. If the Xeph is a race you want, what are your boundaries in editing it so it feels like a distinct race?

The Psychic and Spiritual Handbook (PSHB) will probably be finished this year (probably sooner than later as things have been advancing faster than anticipated). In addition to the Dreamscape adventure, two other standalone adventures are planned – one focused on haunting and possession mechanics, and the other just a fun psychic creature adventure. If there are things you would like to see covered by the PSGH, it would be a good idea to request them now. If you want more monsters or something, let me know. I know I omitted intelligent psychic items which seems like a no brainer, but felt the sentient rules for magical items covered it. Over the year I’ll be adding new subclasses for the classes that got skipped (Artificer, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Sorcerer, and Warlock) – do you want these incorporated into the PSHB or should they remain standalone or part of a separate expansion? Of note the new channeler, savant, and transcendent subclasses will remain seperate as they were always intended to be such, while the other missing classes were simply omited because I didn’t have any satisfactory ideas at the original time of writing the PSHB, not for any particular reason.

For all who have participated in making the PSHB the best source book it can be, you have my esteemed thanks.

Class Changes


Increased power points for low level characters to be more in line with warlocks than sorcerer/wizards. The short rest mechanic can leave people feeling unable to contribute at 1st and 2nd level when they only get to use 1 augmented power. 1st through 5th level power points per short rest are 1 higher (2, 3, 5, 7, 10). 6th level and higher unchanged.


Channelers are intended to be heavily modified by their choice of subclass to a role-defining level. They know fewer powers than savants because they are supposed to focus on a narrower set of powers to augment their subclass features, while savants are intended to have a wider toolkit. If savants are akin to a wizard, the channeler is the sorcerer kin (Transcendents are more of a juxtoposition of fighter and paladin/ranger). In the future, I will be introducing two new channeler Psionic Expressions – the Elemental Scion and the Polaris that specialize in other psychic phenomenon.

A channeler is based on the concept of intrusive psychic powers. One day the channeler was a normal person like everyone else, but then something happened that changed them, giving them dangerous new powers that took time to learn to control. The nature of these powers is what defines the toolkit of each channeler. It’s come a long way from the 3.5 Wilder it was based off (and it doesn’t have a lot of features in common at this point). Of all the psychic classes, it is the channeler that can be the most creatively expressive because they are free to be freaks and misfits, outcasts and charlatans, just by the core nature of their powers. They walk the fine line between control and chaos, as their powers threaten to consume them and those around them, forcing them to shackle their powers. This is why their Psychic Burst die is tied to the Liberate Persona feature – the channeler releases their true inner self for a moment, even if just a little bit, and it feels good to let go.


Mediums are in an odd space. They tend to be exceptionally weak in combat, great at investigation, and can completely break stories by identifying spirits effortlessly. The Psionic Expression revisions aim to address that.

  • Spirit Touched is getting rolled into Spirit Vision and Persona Ward. You now need to use Spirit Vision to detect spirits, but Spiritfont awareness is always on. Persona Ward will upgrade Spirit Vision in addition to its other effect.
  • Spirit Vision now gives gives aurasight, but still can peer into the Ethereal Plane – remember, you see dead people.
  • Spiritual Attunement now grants a number of benefits for its flavor, including a passive damage component. It also clearly allows certain conditions to bypass immunity to align with the damage resistance piercing. Damage immunity has been revoked, however, aligning with other subclass features outside the PSHB.
  • Spiritual Attunement now allows any power instead of trying to skirt the psychometablism issue. It was easy to rule in psychoportation and clairsentience powers, so for sanity/simplicity, it allows all powers to work on spirits.
  • Spiritual Attunement expanded to allow Spirit Vision to be maintained alongside a power. Hound fleeing ghosts to your heart’s content- afterall, you see dead people and maybe want to make them more dead.

Adjusted the Metaform feature to be easier to use and deal with poor low tier damage and get higher tier in better shape.

  • Adding a new metaform trait is now a bonus action, and you can now use your action to replace a manifested trait with a different one. It’s no fun when you spend more than 1 round at the start of combat preparing or always have to expend a Psychic Burst die. Also, Psychic Burst into metaform only takes a bonus action now.
  • Fish Form and Scale Surfaces folded into Amphibious and Web Walk traits.
  • Fangs now deal 1 bonus critical die, no longer boost existing bite damage.
  • Sharp Nails now allows you to make a bonus action when you hit to follow up with another attack using this trait against the same target. Like Fangs, no longer boosts existing claw damage.
  • Bloodsuck renamed Blood Siphon and can now be use whenever you hit with a metaform trait attack once each round to regain hp.
  • Eyestalks renamed Enhanced Sight so it isn’t pre-flavored.
  • Venomous Attack damage reduced to 1d6.
  • Paralytic Attack now clearly doesn’t end poisoned from other sources if the target succeeds a save.
  • Pincer damage delivery on grappled creature requires a bonus action.
  • Serpent Form again protects against shove.
  • New trait “Brutal Form” added. It increases the damage of core attack traits so 17th-level metamorphs can keep up when they focus on damage.
  • Temporary HP mechanic removed from War Form feature. You now gain channeler level x 5 temp hp when you enter your metaform from the start. I’m not concerned about 1 level dips to get 5 temp hp 2-6 times a long rest by using an action.

With the overhaul of the Channeler class, the Shaper Psionic Expression was left in an odd place, especially after Manifest Magic costs were increased. They have now been adjusted to better interact with the core class feature and empowering them to hit the vision of strategically shaping their action via the ability to tap magical energy into psychic expressions. The goal is for shapers to see their Psychic Burst dice as a source of throughput and to weave evocations amidst powers. Also, astralconstruct is again a core feature of the shaper. Hopefully these changes allow for shapers to feel more secure in using their power points to the fullest without feeling like a weaker sorcerer or second rate psychic.

  • After manifesting a cantrip, you can spend a Psychic Burst die to create an astral construct for 1 hour and no concentration required.
  • Psychic Residue is a new feature to allow a shaper to regain a Psychic Burst die after manifesting a spell or cantrip now to cushion the increased cost for manifest magic.
  • Ectoplasm Shield can now be pumped up with power points and has a similar Psychic Burst die recharge mechanic – shapers should be more willing to push their power points since they rely more on instantaneous effects.


Savants seem to be in a good spot. The change to tier 1 power points should eliminate the sense of being “useless” after the first round. For the non-PSHB subclass, the new Order of Trance seems to be working out for melee telepathic/telekinetic fans. The Occultist will be a new Esoteric Order who delves into forbidden knowledge and comes away both less and more than it was before.

  • Savant Esoteric Order 1st-level features’ enhancements now align with tiers instead of 5 level spread for better consistency.
  • Dampen Fall language clarified that you roll fewer dice for fall damage, not roll extra dice to subtract
  • Savant Order of Force Dampening Field has been redesigned to give you a range of telekinetic feats to use.


Like the channeler, the transcendent is intended to see a lot of change based on its subclass, but the core of the class – self buffing – is always at heart. It is intentional that in tier 1 and early tier play that transcendents have good damage, as they have to work to get it and risk losing it in a single attack. Will Martial Focus be expanded to include ranged attack? Not planned, transcendents are primarily melee combatants and being able to use the feature at range eliminates the risk/reward nature of it. Is Transcendent a powerful dip? For fighters and rogues, it’s decent (intentional), and paladins can probably abuse it if they only smite, but anyone who commonly casts spells won’t see good gains since spellcasting breaks power maintenance. Not convinced an extra d4 on a paladin that smites all the time starting at 4th level is a big deal.

Nomad changes have placed the subclass in a good spot (a touch powerful, but this update aims to address that), transient blade and ghost hunter have undergone further changes to make sure they are measuring up in all pillars of play. The Transiency Blade has been taken further away from its 3.5 Soulknife core (that has helped channeler and Metaphysicist ranger a lot in gaining a strong identity. The Vitiate will be a new Ecclectic Attunement introduced in the future representing a tainted psychic spirit.

  • Martial Focus increase to d6 delayed to 11th level. This got missed when Second Mind was placed after 7th level. This makes transcendents more in line with paladin and various subclasses bonus damage.
  • Second Mind is now at 10th level and Blade and Mind is now at 9th level. Blade and Mind always felt it came late, and the loss of an attack while prepping an extra power really pushed certain powers as more necessary than intended. It is expected that speed of thought will always want to come into play at 9th level, but completely losing any damage getting it up felt like a bad trade off, this change addresses this issue.
  • Third Mind is gone (I tried models to make it work, but its power creep potential is too great, and it really leads to characters over spending power points and delaying build up). While 3rd and 4th round tended to be high performance, rounds 1 and 2 didn’t feel as good, and by rounds 6+ the potential output was over target. Triple power buffs was fun while it lasted.
  • Resilient Balance is a new feature aimed to (literally) keep the transcendent on its feet. This is a situational movement feature.
  • Psionic Reserves buffed to 3 power points because that seems to be the floor needed to get performance out of power points for a transcendent.
Ghost Hunter

Has been overhauled to better flesh it out.

  • Rebuke and Ghost Disruption merged into a new version of Rebuke at 11th level.
  • Hunter’s Resolve now also grants a skill proficiency fitting a hunter of the night.
  • A new 7th-level feature which gives a benefit when you have psionic focus (On the Hunt) added.

Made to be less dip abusive. Energy Burst uses is now equal to transcendent level and restored on long rests. It’s still a damage boost in a dip, but not nearly as rampant.

  • Energy Absorption uses reduced to 1/short rest.
Transient Blade

Has been overhauled to better have an identity beyond mind blade.

  • Remote Strikes removed, a revised Blade Wind is the new 18th-level feature.
  • Phase Walk is a new 11th-level feature allowing you to become intangible.


Path of the Ghost (Barbarian)

Underwent some changes to make it more 5e and less like its 3.5e counterpart.

  • Ghost Step feature moved to 6th level to make it less abusable as a dip class.
  • Hateful Strike removed and folded into Frightful Strike
  • New feature (Spirit of Hatred) added. This gives the barbarian another means to gain psionic focus and a skill ribbon.
Dervish (Fighter)

Wasn’t quite feeling right at low level and was having higher attack bonus than warranted.

  • Dervish Dance no longer increases attack bonus
  • Slashing Winds grants a bonus on attacks when you attack a different target after hitting a target to encourage moving during the dance – you have strong saves to maintain concentration, don’t be afraid of opportunity attacks, plus this naturally pairs with the AC bonus – change opponent with a higher chance to hit and therefore increase your AC.
Way of Insight (Monk)

Is strong with ki <> power point conversion allow them incredible versatility, but Spiritual Strikes is feeling weak since monk attacks are treated as magical and blanket physical resistance/immunity and psychic vulnerability are rare.

  • Spiritual Strikes rebuilt to be similar to Hand of Harm feature in the Way of Mercy subclass introduced in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything and with a extra bonus when you have psionic focus.
  • Lingering Powers now features a way to spend ki to maintain concentration.
  • Way of Insight now has its own power list instead of being a super savant. You still have a wide range of powers to sculpt your monk at different levels of play.
Oath of the Ardent (Paladin)

Is in good shape after the last review. It is intended that powers are 5 levels apart since you only gain 3 per mantle, instead of at 3, 5, 9, 13, 17 like Oath spells – one power is estimated to be 3 to 5 spells in value due to sculptability, so it’s unreasonable to give the paladin 5 powers per mantle.

  • Removed free power points from Incarnate, the ability is still good without it
  • If certain mantles are under performing at your games, please make sure to send feedback – there are a ton of these so it’s hard to witness them all at different tiers of play
Metaphysicist (Ranger)

Overhauled, which is unsurprising given that it was recently retooled and rebuilt after the release of Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything. This update aims to get it in the right place. While it was conceptually strong, it was a little too focused. At this point, it bears nearly no resemblance to the Soul Bow prestige class it was adapted from.

  • Metaphysicist updated to be more consistent with Psionic Energy dice mechanic.
  • Several ‘powers’ updated to reflect this change.
  • Metaphysical Arrows renamed Metaphysical Powers since several options not involving shooting things now exist.
  • Pierce Mind removed.
  • Echo of Souls now deals psychic damage, is no longer a ranged weapon attack, and triggers on both ranged and melee attacks.
  • Zen Archery changed to allow a scaling crit mechanic, but now only affects one attack, and it gives an attack roll bonus instead of an AC reduction since that fits the flavor better.
  • Psionic Leap now can be used outside combat for empowered jumping.
  • Burst of Speed is a new option that increases movement speed and allows running over water for 1 round.
  • Heavenly Sight is a new option that allows you to see from a birds-eye view and overcome invisibility and darkness.
  • Triggered options (Detonation, Fate Chain, Psionic Leap, Ricochet) no longer consume the Psionic Energy die if you don’t choose to trigger them.
  • Psychic Mines now clearly allows it to affect more than one target as a proper minefield, but its area has been reduced but is now a sphere because flight and levitate should trigger a psychic/metaphysical trap.
School of Cerebromancy (Wizard)

Has decent versatility with the few powers it adds to its arsenal and it’s combining spells and powers as envisioned. Myriad Contemplation has been hard to work with due to the limit on needing both to share the same target, so we’ll try it without the limit and see if it goes to crazy town.

  • Myriad Contemplation no longer has target requirements. Go ahead and create a black hole in one corner and open a gate in another (what could go wrong?). Consequentially, you can now only do so once between long rests because it can be that powerful.
  • Added language to allow your maintain power and cast spells or concentrate on a spell and manifest a power without losing concentration. It was supposed to be there from the start.

Power Changes

All psionic powers have been reviewed and rebalanced where necessary. Overall powers have been mostly buffed, but there are some nerfs, mainly in augmentation costs. All powers should now have 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 power point effects (sometimes through empowerments) except astral construct and weather manipulation as these are “pick-your-options” powers.

Accelerated Healing
  • Clarified cantrip scaling hit point regain mechanic.
  • Regen effect is more efficient to empower.
  • Bonus healing received redesigned. It’s more powerful, but self only.
  • Direct Healing is twice as strong, making it more in line with Cure Wounds at low level and not as bad at high level (regen is still far more efficient healing as intended).
  • Lesser restoration” effect is now 3 power points (remember you need to augment it to touch to affect others) and is fully equal to the spell. It only applies when first manifest, but you can empower it to trigger at the end of each of your turns so it does it’s Lingering Resolution benefit.
  • Regeneration of missing limbs reworded to be more consistent with regenerate spell and is now cheaper.
  • Reaction healing redesigned. Now you can use a reaction on taking damage each turn. Also self only and takes 9 power points.
  • Clarified conditions to take a reaction on all augmentations of this power.
  • Maintenance extension augmentation empowerment cost dropped 1 power point.
  • Condition immunity revamped. It’s now cheaper to gain immunity to one condition, but you can empower it to the original effect at the old cost.
Animate Electricity
  • Amplified fields simplified to increase lightning damage 1/round by 1d6.
  • Amplified core augmentation now grants passive damage and this damage can be empowered (yes, you get the bonus from the base effect too)
  • Spreading augmentation now costs 3 power points.
  • Increased size augmentation now costs 4 powers points, but automatically empowers.
  • Lightning spark attack damage rebalanced and has a bonus if the field was recently struck by lightning
  • Damage to creatures composed of electricity is now a free augmentation that automatically scales as you spend power points. It’s a very niche effect.
  • Static elemental golem now static amalgam and scales like TCoE summons and its stat block is with the power and not the bestiary
  • Language and effect more consistent with modify memory spell.
  • Baseline effect better defined.
  • Lingering and permanency effects are now automatic as you augment this power.
  • New 1 power point effect charms creature and “covers your tracks”
  • Memory distance and block lengths now start at 2 power points and enhanced through empowerment as normal.
  • Proficiency suppression can’t linger or become permanent.
  • Clarified you can’t replace or introduce proficiencies (that is what Psychic Chirurgery is for).
  • Memory worm only costs 11 power points now and should be more clear on how it interacts with other augmentations.
  • Memory worm effect can now be empowered to render the creature amnesiac.
Astral Construct

By popular demand, astral construct and ectoplasmic contruct have swapped effects so astral construct is consistent with 3.5e. Conversely, I’ve renamed ectoplasmic construct to spectral armament to avoid confusion with ectoplasmic creation – it’s all the same astral goop still.

  • Many augmentation costs have been increased to compensate more passive scaling. You should generally be able to manifest an equivalent construct to before the changes.
  • Made to be semi-consistent to Battle Smith artificer’s steel guardian.
  • No longer in the bestiary as samples, it now has a stat block with the power.
  • Hit point increases are automatic.
  • AC 13 is baseline when you augment the power and it’s cheaper to increase its AC.
  • Can empower flight to add hover.
  • Can now give it proficiency in Athletics and Stealth.
  • Force damage is now baked into its stat block.
  • All of its actions and traits are named in the power description.
  • The construct’s damage resistance augmentation intentionally resists damage from psychic sources – its made from psionic goop.
Bastion of Thought
  • Baseline function more clear on what it defends against.
  • Reflection augmentation now requires a check to reflect and clearly indicates you don’t suffer the effects when you succeed.
Biomorphic Skin
  • Now modelled more after barkskin than mage armor – you can augment to add Con bonus still.
  • Since shield and similar effects no longer smoothly work with this power, it has the option added as an empowerment to the reaction augmentation.
  • Power point cost of effects altered.
  • Con bonus augmentation now also allows using Con bonus on Dex saves instead of Dex.
Blood Tendril
  • Tendril stats are part of the core description.
  • You can restore a destroyed tendril.
  • Scaling of blood drain improved and uncapped.
  • Can now augment power to summon a second tendril at once
Body Control
  • 1 power point augmentation improved to include holding your breath and protecting from inhaled gases.
  • You can now (7 power points) shut down your ability to feel fear.
  • Has high level immutable form effect and can empower it as a reaction.
  • Maintenance time is more efficient
  • Stealth augmentations buffed to better compete with invisibility augmentations
  • New “meld” stealth augmentation added that is a powerful scouting, eavesdropping, or ambush tool.
  • Assume form augmentation now allows voice mimicry as an empowerment.
Control Light
  • Added mechanics for interacting with magical darkness.
  • Blindness cost increase, light shaping cost decreased – blind was too strong for the effective level.
  • Empowered shaping allows you to move the light as well.
  • Empowered blinding is now blinds whenever a creature is within the effect area.
Crystalline Construct
  • Shatter is now a bonus action but takes 3 power points and deals 2d6 + 2d6 base damage to fit the model in the DMG for AoE damage.
  • Additional crystal formations cost reduced.
  • Petrification empowerment cost reduced.
  • Lingering augmentation duration increased.
  • Now takes an action, but you can make a an attack with it as part of the action to manifest it, much like spells that use an action to make an attack. It was a bonus action to streamline it, but in certain cases, that made the power simply too good. It can still be maintained and replace attacks on subsequent turns as before.
  • Damage rebalanced. Damage die is now a d6.
  • Secondary targets now only take half the damage.
  • Noxious cloud augment changed. Now 4 power points and treats a creature which fails its save as if it was hit by the attack. You need to get the poisoned augmentation to make the cloud inflict poisoned condition now, which places it at its old cost.
  • Cantrip scaling removed. You now must augment it with power points to scale.
  • Redirection is cheaper, but imposes disadvantage (you can empower that away).
  • Deflection field cost more and the bubble is now an empowerment.
Dimensional Breach
  • Ranged “appropriation” now costs 1 power point, but a creature can also pass objects to you.
  • Baseline reach is now 10 feet, but the distance automatically augments as you spend power points.
  • Breach attack now cost 3 power points. Its empowerment streamlined to a single cost to allow all attacks.
  • Crossing your breach is now 5 power points and takes an action.
Dimensional Disassociation
  • Added language to end bag of holding shenanigans.
  • Placing and retrieving objects now takes an action.
  • Only one augmentation with a cost at a time.
  • Maintenance time is now automatic with level.
  • Clarified that you can target multiple unwilling creatures.
  • Larger and multiple target augmentations are cheaper.
  • You can augment this power to have a maintenance time.
  • Temporal disruption effect removed. It was rendered obsolete with the stasis power and didn’t really fit.
  • Temporal relocation can now be done earlier for 1 round into the future.
Dissonant Destiny
  • Repeat action better clarified – creature will attack same space if able, even if its original target has moved – it could attack an ally. Bonus actions no longer repeated, only actions. Creature can’t move or take bonus actions until it repeats the action, if able.
  • Trimmed condition list for linked fates.
  • Double/triple-dipping AoEs removed from linked fates empowerment. It was never intended.
  • Limited changing dream types to avoid burning power points to freely buff party members.
Ectoplasmic Creation
  • Tendril reach reduced. Grapple check streamlined. Now takes an action.
  • Revised acidic effect to be easier to manage and tendrils now interact with it.
  • Acidic empower changed. No longer allows burst, instead adds periodic damage.
  • Added augmentation to add more squares.
Ego Whip
  • Swapped cantrip and 1 power point effects.
  • 3 power point augmentation and its empowerment folded into an empowerment of the 1 power point augmentation.
  • Now Wisdom save.
Elastic Body
  • Clarified stretch limbs affect walking speed. Now you just get a climbing speed equal to your walking speed.
  • Can sub manifesting ability modifier in place of Strength fully, instead of just on attack rolls.
  • Reach empowerment cost revised.
  • Amorphous trait augmentation is cheaper and lists what size space you can move through.
  • Flattening is more expensive.
  • Damage reduction empowerment scaling is more expensive, but is now automatic.
  • Inflating augmentations merged and have new effects.
Empathic Transference
  • You can now empower hostile transference.
  • Maintenance time increase removed.
  • Blinded and deafened can be transferred with the same augmentation as poison and disease.
  • Shared effects can be empowered to share 4th or even 5th level spells or equivalent powers.
Energy Blast
  • Damage scaling is much improved.
  • Line, radial, and sphere effects are now half the area.
  • Radial effect short range pushes an extra 5 feet and is now only 5 feet.
  • Sphere no longer has empowerment, the range augmentation covers it.
Energy Cloak

Formerly energy shroud – renamed to make it easier to distinguish between energy storm

  • Baseline effect is now once each round.
  • “Elemental weapon” style effect is now 5 power points to be consistent with the spells. Its damage is now 1d6.
  • Augmentation and empowerment to enhance disadvantage effects added.
  • Shroud intercept is cheaper, but you must empower it to deal bonus damage.
  • Higher level augmentations costs increased.
  • Damage reduction is now just bludgeoning. You can substitute energy powers as normal (terrakinesis changes from last update rendered the old wording obsolete).
  • Absorption shield now regenerates hp, but no longer has other effects.
Energy Storm
  • Now supports manifesters which are larger than Medium sized.
  • Baseline effect has damage potential and a little fluff.
  • Damage scaling improved.
  • Reaction damage reduced to 1d8, but auto empowers to 2d8 at 10 power points.
  • Increasing radius also increases height of the cylinder.
  • Moving the storm with the range augmentation is now 15 feet.
Enveloping Darkness
  • Adjusted some power point costs to align with effective spell levels.
  • Damage increased slightly.
Extrasensory Perception
  • Cantrip scaling removed.
Flame Manipulation
  • Intensity empowerment is more expensive.
  • Flame elemental golem now flame amalgam and scales like TCoE summons and its stat block is with the power and not the bestiary.
  • Manifestation time significantly reduced.
  • Costs for fabrication reduced.
  • Knowledge effects merged to single augmentation.
  • Awareness of events augmentation added.
  • Power point costs changed on certain effects.
  • Sonic elemental golem now sonic amalgam and scales like TCoE summons and its stat block is with the power and not the bestiary.
  • No more freezing creatures in blocks of ice for free – it was never intended.
  • 1 power point effect now allows you to target surfaces instead of cubes if you choose.
  • Water lash damage and scaling increased.
  • Water and Ice elemental golems now hydro amalgam and scales like TCoE summons and its stat block is with the power and not the bestiary.
  • Effect detection scaling is cheaper.
  • Expertise scaling increased.
  • Reroll mechanic removed from research augmentation, replaced with reduction in time to research subjects.
  • Added way to view the past via the Collective Conscious.
  • When breaching mind blank and similar, you can now add your proficiency bonus.
Id Insinuation
  • Now Charisma save.
  • New 1 power point effect extends the baseline function.
  • Damage reduction is now 3 power points, is more consistent with ray of enfeeblement, with empowerment options to increase scope.
Inertial Barrier
  • Power point costs adjusted.
Kinetic Barrier
  • Personal cover barriers are now its own augmentation.
  • Movable dome is cheaper.
Living Weapon
  • Maintenance time increased.
  • Cantrip scaling now improves the die.
  • Treated more like an unarmed strike and is a single weapon (but you can add whatever barbs, blades, spikes, and knobs you want), but is still considered a weapon.
  • Tag-on effects rebalanced to be more consistent with peer spells.
  • Poison damage is a new optional add-on.
  • Acid, necrotic, and poison damage are now the same augmentation, but each has a unique empowerment.
  • Bleed augmentation costs more and only lasts 1 round, but deals more damage.
  • Visceral attack augmentation now scales with living weapon damage.
Martial Insight
  • Maintenance increased to 1 minute
  • Damage increased to align with Unarmed Fighting Style.
  • Bonus damage augmentation only occurs once during your turn. Empowered damage substantially higher.
  • Riposte bonus crit range removed.
  • Power point costs adjusted.
Mental Barrier
  • New 3 power point effect gives passing bonus to AC and saves after the reaction.
  • New augmentation automatically strips telepathic effects and conditions for a time after the reaction.
  • Some augmentation costs altered
Mind Blade
  • Magic enhancement cost standardized per magic weapon spell.
  • Power point costs adjusted.
  • Dancing damage bonus reduced, but you can target imbued weapons.
Mind Probe
  • Mind shock effect is now available at lower power point costs.
Mind Spear

Mind Spike now Mind Spear to avoid confusion with Xanathar’s Guide to Everything spell (I could’ve sworn I made this change months ago)

  • Extra spears beyond the first cost slightly more.
  • Bursting spears base and scaling cost slightly increased.
Mind Tap
  • Damage adjusted.
  • 1 power point augmentation now allows you to ignore disadvantage from invisibility, blur, and similar effects
  • Hive Mind attack bonuses moved to 3 power point cost.
  • Hive Mind offensive bonus can no longer be empowered to share advantage.
  • Added 5 power point augmentation to fully rewrite target’s perceptions in the bounds of reality.
Molecular Agitation
  • Partially redesigned to be touch (augment to get range) and use attack rolls.
  • Rewrote the “heat metal” effect to avoid the confusion some players had from the spell concerning dropping the object.
  • Spontaneous combustion now also destabilizes but cost more power points.
  • Combustion has a chance to spread to additional targets.
  • You can now mimic Eve and combust creatures at high level.
  • “Disintegration” is now cheaper, but cost the same as before when you give it a range.
  • You can only make attack rolls against you or your d20 rolls reroll.
  • Revised mobility effect.
  • Evasion effect now gives proficiency with Dex saves.
  • Reaction refresh reworded to make it clear it only affects reactions granted by the power.
Probability Manipulation
  • Added new effect to jinx weapons and armor.
  • Added a new version of the old field effect.
Psionic Blast
  • Damage and scaling increased.
  • Some costs adjusted.
Psychic Crush
  • Knock down empowerment effect improved.
  • Added new mental crush effect at 9 power points to leave a target dazed.
Psychic Domination
  • Removed ability to augment this power to affect multiple targets.
  • Hostility elimination cost reduced.
  • Added 3 power point charm effect between command and suggestion in scope.
  • Baleful suggestion power point cost increased.
  • Domination function revised. Core augmentation cost less but requires direct control each round. High level empowerment added to allow more independent activity.
Psychic Static
  • Replaced die roll mechanic with a flat penalty to power attack and save DCs.
  • Multiple targets cost reduced.
  • Added new 3 power point effect.
  • Modified counter DC to be 13, but you can empower it.
  • Clarified that long term effects allow new save.
  • Empower for anti-maintenance effect removed
  • ‘Antipsionic field” added at 11 power points – its an empowerment for the AoE augmentation.
  • Minor edits.
  • 3 power point effect empowerment baked into the core augmentation.
  • Compact damage reduced. No longer has a duplicative save.
Remote Sight
  • Added 1 power point augmentation that lets you see ahead.
Sap Vitality
  • Damage increased.
  • Power augments have been redesigned. Each odd power point should introduce a way to fatigue or cripple a creature. Each even should allow you to change the scope of these options.
Shadow Shape
  • Shadow step distance automatically enhances.
  • Shadow step mastery empowerment is cheaper.
  • Shadow shroud reaction empowerment removed.
  • General purpose shadow reaction augmentation added.
Shatter Psyche
  • Automatic maintenance time increase removed.
  • Berserk effect cost increased.
  • Added new 5 power point phantom foes effect.
  • Terror effect no longer forces straight line movement and the victim can take the Hide action when it believes it is alone.
  • Damage scaling is now completely automatic.
  • Tether is now 3 power points. You now need to use your action to pull the creature to the singularity.
  • AoE damage is tied to what is called a crushing area. If an area is crushing (and thus does AoE damage), it will indicate it.
  • Radius augmentation can now be empowered to increase the center of the singularity.
Size Alteration
  • Giant size is now three times size.
  • Area compression/expansion is now a radius.
  • You can further augment the range.
Spatial Void
  • Holes are now radius areas instead of squares.
  • Damage die increased to d8.
  • Improved the description, better delineating the effects.
  • Duo holes is slightly cheaper, but the closing effect now must be empowered.
Spectral Armament
  • Baseline effect is now a movement and Acrobatics debuff.
  • Damage scaling increased.
  • AoE mechanic changed, it’s now a separate augmentation that can be empowered to scale its size.
  • Web” effect is now at 3 power points.
  • Astral shambler effect removed (I never liked trying to balance the thing, and it was sort of shoehorned in).
  • New augmentation to bind targets, requiring action to remove or suffer disadvantage on melee attacks.
  • New augmentation to make ectoplasm acidic, dealing damage next turn.
Speed of Thought
  • Minor edit.
Spirit Ward
  • Reworked power to have more augmentation breakpoints and to weaken the cantrip effect.
  • Maintenance increased to 10 minutes.
  • Added new augmentations to ward an object or a structure.
  • Circle of protection effect can now be empowered to place on a creature, making it mobile.
  • Reworked trapped effect to be more functional and flavorful as a banishment effect.
  • Anti-invisible feature is now inherent whenever the light sticks to a creature.
  • Magical darkness suppression and dispel cost more.
  • Single and bounce damage increased.
  • Shooting stars damage increased, scaling reduced.
  • Cantrip effect moved to 1 power point.
  • New cantrip effect added.
  • AoE effect now costs 2 power points.
  • Added stutter stasis effect augmentation.
  • Minor edits.
Telekinetic Flight
  • Psychokinetic dive damage slightly reduced, but it now automatically scales.
Telekinetic Grasp
  • Revised baseline effect.
  • Adjusted augmentation power point costs.
  • Added new 3 power point augmentation.
  • Allow damage reduction effect augmentation to be empowered.
Telempathic Projection
  • Added 3 power point augmentation.
  • Extra targets power point cost increased.
Trauma Infusion
  • Damage boosted.
  • Shaken augmentation power point costs decreased.
  • Fright augmentation power point costs increased.
  • Added new remorse trauma option augmentation.
  • Increased damage incident effects reduce damage taken per hit, but should easily outscale the damage loss from rate of attack.
  • All damage scaling empowerments are more efficient.
  • Fission collapsing removed.
Weather Manipulation
  • Minor edits.

Other Changes

Brain Mole changed to monstrosity – sorry druids, it wasn’t intented to open up innate psionics to Wild Shape.

Astral Shambler, Ectoplasmic Construct, and Elemental Golem removed from the bestiary.