Preview of 4 New Psychic Subclasses

These new subclasses can be tested. While they will be receiving additional review and editing, you can check out the early versions.

First up, the Psi Forger artificer specialist. Employ psionically empowered crystals to use as remove drones, for spellcasting assistance, or to give you a boost offensively or defensively.

The Elemental Scion is a psionic expression for the channeler class. Imbue with the fury of the storm, let loose the might of the elements.

The Polaris is another psionic expression for the channeler class. Manipulate and control metal in ways beyond psychokinetic powers.

Lastly, the Vitiate eclectic attunement for the transcendent class. With a tainted soul, wield corrupted psychic powers to lay waste to your opposition.