PSHB Updates

Psychic and Spiritual Handbook update based on testing and feedback. Please keep sending your accounts and experiences. Remember you can also get this at GM Binder.


  • Id wasn’t a good term for the class, and the Unleased Id feature is renamed Liberate Persona. The concept of the feature is lifting the limit a channeler places on their power so it doesn’t consume them. Psychic Id dice also renamed Psychic Burst.
  • Psychic Burst dice are no longer only a d6, they now increase at level. At 2nd level, the die is reduced to 1d4. Whenever a channeler got an additional die, they now get an increase in die size instead.
  • To compensate the change, channelers now get a number of Psychic Burst dice equal to their proficiency bonus.
  • With the changes to Psychic Burst die, Preternatural Awareness was too strong. AC bonus is reduced to a flat 2, which should fit with bounded accuracy better.
  • Untapped Potential has been replaced. Its ability to generate a Psychic Burst die – with the increase in uses and the higher die value, this would be too good.
  • Psionic Potency replaces Untapped Potential. It increase attack roll and power save DC when you manifest a power with power points above your channeler level.


  • Persona Ward feature changed, so that mediums could allow a spirit to possess them if they choose. You now spend a Psychic Burst die to prevent possession or to aid you in expelling it.


  • Metaform now capped to 3 attacks during Multiattack action (you’re welcome fighters), and 3rd attack delayed until 13th level. Channeler’s have enough ways to prop up their attacks, and metamorphs should be using powers during metaform to make it better.


Damaging powers rebalanced to adjust outliers and to get the newer psychoportation powers in line.

Blood Tendril
  • Base reach reduced to 5 feet. You can augment it to have the old 10 feet reach by spending 1 power point.
  • Blood Tendril was too strong in tier 2 play. Blood drain effect now cost 3 power points to augment. Empowerment remains the same.
Crystalline Construct
  • No longer does 1d4 piercing and force damage when first created – it made it too tempting as a damage cantrip effect when the core concept of the power is control not damage. Instead deals 1d6 piercing damage.
  • Shatter damage nerfed to 1d6 piercing and 1d6 force damage. As above, it was too convenient to make it a damage power and shattering is something intended to be opportunistic, not a set up for early level burst damage.
  • Decay is an incredibly efficient damage power, and when allowed to fester could deal insane damage over budget. It has been adjusted, but is still very strong in mid to long fights where it remains up.
  • Poison damage per turn is now a standalone augment, and its damage can’t be increased.
  • Necrotic damage augment changed. Now it allows you to choose necrotic or poison damage when you deal damage with this power and increases damage by 1d8 when you hit with this power to make the damage die consitent. It’s empowerment was changed to deal 1d8 damage per 4 power points.
  • Spit augmentation cost reduced to 2 power points.
Mind Spike
  • Mind spike is intended to be a favorable damage power. As such, its damage die has been increased to 1d10 (from 1d8)
Mind Thrust
  • Changes to mind thrust were aimed to make it less of a throughput power and more a utility with some damage power. As such, its damage die was reduced to 1d8 (from 1d10).
  • Singularity was doing too well in tier 2 play (and a bit in early tier 3) – who knew a black hole could be so powerful? After a number of models and tests to get it in line with other powers and spells, the culprit was determined to be the cantrip damage scaling, as such, singularity no longer automatically deals an extra die of damage at 5th, 11th, or 17th level.