New Subclasses (Druid, Ranger, Wizard) plus update for Psion archetypes

Added 3 new subclasses:

Circle of the Seasons is a druid archetype for those who prefer the spells portion of the druid class by enabling the use of Wild Shape to activate special auras and effects. Available at GMBinder Link.

Zephyr is a ranger archetype that emphasizes dual wielding and helps negate the action economy issue for such rangers that tends to leave dual wielding as a ranger feel poor compared to two-handed and ranged. GMBinder Link.

The Arcane Hierophant is a spiritual successor of the druid/magic-user of yore with a bit of the 3e prestige class sprinkled in. If you want the caster with nearly all the spells, consider it. GMBinder Link.

Finally, it was brought up to my notice that the Will of Essence, Will of Force, and Will of Foresight psion archetypes were missing starter features (Will of Thought had one). Sometimes trying to make dipping into a class can result in overdoing it. You will now find features when you first take these archetypes. GMBinder copies for Chrome and Firefox/Edge are also updated.

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