Aronar’s Core Expansion

These options for your game add new options for players and DMs alike. The DM will decide which, if any, of these features and rules will be included in the game.

Optional Class Features

You gain class features in the Player’s Handbook when you reach certain levels in this class. This section offers additional features for existing classes.

Unlike the features in the Player’s Handbook, you don’t gain the features here automatically. Consulting with your DM, you decide whether to gain a feature in this section if you meet the level requirement noted in the feature’s description. These features can be selected separately from one another unless otherwise indicated; you can choose which, if any you use.

Optional Rules

The options in this section relate to many different parts of the game. Some of them are variants of rules, and others are entirely new rules. Each option represents a different style of play. Before adding a new rule to your campaign, consider whether it improves the game or enhances the fun at your table.


Player Character Options

Adventuring Options

Combat Options