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Arcane Hierophant

Arcane hierophants are devotees of nature and traffic in the same circles as druids. These wizards study natural lore and magic. They often prefer elemental and nature spells to other spells, but will leverage the tools they possess to protect the wilds.

Arcane Hierophant Features
Wizard LevelFeature
2ndDruidic Magic, Natural Lore
6thSavant of Nature
10thCompanion Familiar
14thWill of Nature

Druidic Magic

2nd-level Arcane Hierophant feature

You may add two 1st-level druid spells to your spellbook, as well as two cantrips from the druid spell list, one of which must be druidcraft if you don’t already know it. In addition, you can add druid spells to your spellbook the same way you learn new wizard spells. Any time you gain new wizard spells from class features, you can add spells from the druid list in place of a wizard spell. Spells from the druid list in your spellbook, as well as the cantrips added from this feature, count as wizard spells for you.

If your Wisdom modifier is higher than your Intelligence modifier, you can use Wisdom as your spellcasting ability in place of Intelligence for your wizard spells and features.

You can also prepare an additional number of spells equal to your proficiency bonus. The additional spells must be spells in your spellbook from the druid list.

Only spells from the wizard spell list can be used with the Spell Mastery and Signature Spell features.

Natural Lore

2nd-level Arcane Hierophant feature

You gain proficiency in the Nature skill and learn Druidic.

Savant of Nature

6th-level Arcane Hierophant feature

Your knowledge and familiarity with the natural world is significant. Choose one of the following skills provided you are already proficient: Animal Handling, Nature, or Survival. Your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make with the chosen proficiency.

Companion Familiar

10th-level Arcane Hierophant feature

You add find familiar to your spellbook and never need material components to cast it. You can choose a familiar from any beast with a CR no higher than 1/4. Its hit points are equal to its stat block or two times your wizard level.

In addition, as long as you concentrate on a wizard spell you know, including a spell from the druid list, you can order your familiar to take the Attack action. It uses you spell attack modifier for its attack roll and adds half your proficiency bonus to its first damage roll each turn.

If you fail on your Constitution saving throw to maintain concentration on your spell, you can sacrifice your familiar to succeed instead, reducing the familiar to 0 hit points.

Will of Nature

14th-level Arcane Hierophant feature

When cast a wizard spell from the druid list that uses a spell slot no higher than 5th level, you can increase its effects as if you cast it using a spell slot one level higher. You can do this twice and regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest.