Expanded Druid Released

The Expanded Druid is now available on DMs Guild for purchase.


Like each entry in the series, it includes guidelines to create new subclasses and offers a range of concepts to make characters.

Player Options include:

  • Optional Class features, including one each for Circle of the Land and Circle of the Shepherd
  • 4 New Subclasses
    • Circle of Balance: The classic druid that acts as warden of the land in an attempt to maintain peace and ensure nature is respected and can thrive.
    • Circle of Embers: The avenger druid that employs the wrath of nature to dismantle civilizations that have done too much harm.
    • Circle of Seasons: Druids who observe the cycle of time. Predominantly a caster archetype that utilizes Wild Shape to take on the mantle of each season.
    • Circle of the Untamed: A circle of wild druids that disdain the comforts of civilization. These druids lean into the nature witch theme and utilize curses.
  • 6 Nonmetal Armors, most of which enable you to utilize your medium armor proficiency
  • Over 40 new beasts from the humble seal and skunk to the frightening bloodhoof and dire hippopotamus.
  • A roster by CR of beast forms a druid could take from the Monster Manual, Volo’s Guide to Monsters, the Psychic and Spiritual Handbook, and those introduced with this supplement.