Expanded Ranger and Sorcerer Out Now

The Expanded Ranger and the Expanded Sorcerer are out on Dungeon Masters Guild, each priced at $5.



For product details, visit DMs Guild or check out the Expanded Series page: https://therincreative.com/expanded-series/

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These are only the first two titles in this series.

Throughout 2024, the other 11 official classes and the 3 classes introduced in the Psychic and Spiritual Handbook will get the expanded treatment.

Worried about compatibility with the upcoming 2024 Player’s Handbook? 2024-compliant versions will be added to the products following the release of the rules update at no additional cost.

Classes are coming “soon”

There are 5 new classes in the works that are planned to release with compliance for the D&D game you run (whether it be 2014 or 2024). These will likely start to release near the end of 2024.

Want to Help?

If you want to help shape the future of D&D via Therin Creative works, start playtesting: https://therincreative.com/dndplaytest/.