22 July PSHB Update

The Psychic and Spiritual Handbook is updated following the tier 2 playtests. This is a substantial update.

Change log follows, for classes, subclasses, powers, and spells.

Class Changes

Certain class features were streamlined for ease or consistency. Metaform feature was rebalanced and uses a consistent damage model. Transcendent feature levels were switched at tier 2 for smoother advancement.


  • Revised starting equipment.


  • Bonus damage from Spiritual Attunement now only applies when you manifest a power, no longer when you reactivate a power. Additionally, condition immunity exemption has been expanded to any power not just telepathy powers.
  • Banish Spirits now refreshes on a short rest to be consistent with its peer effects from other classes.
  • Persona Ward no longer grants advantage on saves, it now makes you unable to be charmed or cursed.


  • Entering metaform after using a psychic burst no longer requires a bonus action to increase compatibility with more powers.
  • Metaform traits that can make attacks count as simple weapons, making them more compatible with feats and class features.
  • Metaform damage traits have had their damage streamlined. Primary attacks (claws, tentacles, pincers) deal 1d6, secondary (bite, horns, constrict) deal 1d8 damage.
  • Muscle Mass now doubles push, drag, and lift limits.
  • Oily Skin now prevents automatic grappling.
  • Reflexes now also lets you add half your PB on Dex saves if you aren’t proficient.
  • Sharpened Nails extra attack no longer takes a bonus action. This frees it up to use other metaform traits and psionic powers. Remember that the Multiattack action is not the Attack option, so don’t get clever with monk dips and two-weapon fighting if you want to use more than one metaform trait.
  • Horns no longer require an ability check.
  • Web Spit now uses a Strength save instead of a check to break free.
  • Paralytic Attack is now simply a paralyze effect (still does damage) instead of a layered poison effect for simplicity.
  • Pincers now grapple on a hit (they are an upgrade to tentacles), no longer explicitly restrain, and have language limiting target count like a crab. Also, no longer gets to attack as a bonus action on a grappled target.
  • Extra Arms updated to be compatible with multiattack and streamlined for easier play.
  • Robust Form moved to 7th level to avoid delaying new saving throws. Body Meld takes the 11th-level spot.
  • Robust Form grants Dexterity saving throw proficiency if you already have one of the proficiencies.
  • War Form no longer grants advantage on ability checks to avoid overlap with metaform traits. Now regenerates temporary hit points, extending the subclass’s resilience.


  • Manifest Magic now has a limit to prevent casting more 6th level spells than actual spellcasters.
  • Psychic Residue changed to refresh only on a long rest.


  • Savants now “Imprint Powers” – they select which powers they know when they finish a long rest, paralleling wizards, clerics, and druids. This is a large structural shakeup that will change tier 1, but ultimately was something I’ve been wanting to do (just had to figure out how best to do it) in order to better differentiate channeler and savant. This also means I can change another facet that I never really liked:
  • Esoteric Order is moved to 2nd level. This is the big repercussion of imprinting powers. Previously, savants got access to disciplines through their subclass. This is no longer the case:
  • A savant can imprint a number of powers belonging to any one discipline (the Expanded Mind feature opens this up).
  • The 5 discipline-based esoteric orders grant a bonus power and cut imprint time. Trance and Occultist won’t get this bonus.
  • For higher level savants, this doesn’t change a lot (you get to pick powers every long rest), but tier 1 characters will have to rebuild.
  • Psionic Fortitude moved to 5th level. Psychic strained is too scary for tier 1 psychics, so this feature wasn’t getting much use outside trying to break 1-round maintenance powers. Minimum damage buffed to 0 (from 1).
  • Psicrystal updated to reflect this change. You can now imprint one power you know within your psicrystal and manifest it using the psicrystal’s power points which opens the door to nabbing any power from any discipline and placing it into your psicrystal when you have at least one day of downtime. Its reserve now rounds up. You must expend at least 1 power point to activate it, and can spend no more than your PB on a single expression. E.g. a 9th-level savant has a psicrystal with 5 power points, and can manifest a power through it with 1, 2, 3, or 4 power points in augmentations.
  • Greater Psicrystal now allows you to imprint a second power within it, but only regains PB power points on a short rest (down from full recovery).

Order of Essence

  • You can reroll HD used to regain hit points from 2nd level.
  • Physical Resolve‘s 17th-level function completely removes the action requirement from spending HD (bonus action at 11th, start of turn at 17th).

Order of Force

  • Fixed error granting all powers speed reduction.
  • Dampen Impact changed to reduce fall damage by an amount equal to half your savant level instead of by tier.
  • Terrokinesis now makes telekinetic damage magical for the purpose of overcoming damage resistance and immunity.
  • Dampening Field renamed Facile Telekinesis since it long since evolved into something else from its original concept.

Order of Substance

  • Recompose Matter has limited uses per long rest now. No more swooshing every door, weapon, or foot stool you run across.

Order of Thought

  • Psychic Chiurgery indoctrination time reduced.


  • Martial Focus bonus damage can crit again.
  • Eccletic Attunement features moved to 6th and 10th level (from 7th and 11th).
  • Transcendental Focus is now at 7th level.
  • Second Mind is now at 11th level.

Ghost Hunter

  • Reverted limit on ghostly light effect. Now just restricted to once on each of your turns.

Transient Blade

  • Psychic Strike can crit again. Running the numbers, paladin Divine Smite still output more damage across all levels, so this extra reduction wasn’t necessary. While I was concerned that the two features were too similar, removing crits really only removed a compelling choice during play on whether to add extra psychic damage or reserve the power points for a power. I want the choice to always be compelling in the course of normal play, so in this case I had over corrected.

Subclass Changes

Artificer and wizard subclasses now imprint powers like savants. Smoothed out Psychic Energy Die (PED) user power progression and focus. Rebuilt the druid subclass and mostly retooled the warlock one. Overall, changes were made to improve playability and ensure the player had all the tools they need in the player portion of the book.

Artificer – Psi Forger

  • Switched to imprinting system, similar to School of Cerebromancy (see below).
  • Psi Conduit no longer allows embedding in objects natively. This function is covered with Crystal Tactics.
  • Crystal Tactics is the name of the 9th-level feature and absorbed the old combat functions from its 5th-level version.
  • 5th-level feature renamed Mystic Conduit and has the spell foci aspect as well as the unlimited range aspect from Remote Conduit.
  • Remote Conduit renamed Stalwart Ancillary to better match what the feature does.
  • Psi Craft removed: the psionic items are now added to the Replicate Magic Item Infusion.

Barbarian – Path of the Ghost

  • Frightful Strike is now once during your turn, but no longer allows a saving throw.
  • Terrifying Visage folded into Frightful Cleave.
  • Soul Cleave renamed Frightful Cleave and no longer has limited uses.

Bard – College of Forgotten Echoes

  • Echo of the Weave reduced to once per long rest, but now gives you one minute to cast the spell through the feature.

Druid – Circle of Stillness (formerly Communion)

  • Subclass renamed to Circle of Stillness.
  • Revised class. After using the “PED”-equivalent Spirit Die, I’m not liking how it’s playing out, so I’m switching to a system more akin to the Celestial warlock.
  • Buffer error fixed. Temp HP are only supposed to last for one round. I switched the trigger to “when you take damage” so PCs feel better with using it.
  • Communion is a new 6th level feature and consumes your Wild Shape uses and combines the Quell Unrest and the old Petition features.
  • Watchful Spirits now just allows you to use Spiritual Aid on allies.
  • Did some renaming: Assistance is now Succor, Petition is now Assistance, and Disperse is now Dispersion. Also Dispersion is now available at 2nd level.
  • Bolster has been removed. Subclass felt like it had its hand in too many pots, and you have access to lesser and greater restoration for that stuff.

Fighter – Dervish

  • Fluid Motion Constitution save bonus is now expertise and opting to add Charisma modifier. Dervish Dance is intended to be hard to break, not impossible. Charisma bonus is aimed to offset Dervish leaning toward MAD.
  • Rapid Steps bonus movement increased to 10 feet baseline to be consistent with other classes, but no longer scales.
  • Slashing Winds now also grants a bonus of 10 feet of movement when you take the Attack action which doesn’t provoke opportunity attacks to make Dervish Dance easier to use with Action Surge.
  • Thousand Cuts now also allows you to make 2 attacks per 5 feet of movement.

Paladin – Oath of the Ardent

  • Unleash Psychic Energy stun duration changed to end of your turn to be more consistent with stun features.
  • Clarified design intent: you must expend a spell slot to manifest a power. Ardent isn’t intended to give you “cantrips.” As a player, you can certainly ask your DM to allow the Blessed Warrior fighting style to permit you to manifest your mantle powers without power points and without expending a spell slot instead of gaining two cantrips.
  • Mantle powers realigned to better align with 3.5e’s mantle powers.
  • Effects that granted advantage to checks changed to add your Charisma bonus.
  • Conflict Shroud replaced with more appropriate effect.
  • Destruction Aura and Shroud effects changed.
  • Flame Aura effect replaced with effect similar to original source.
  • Justice Shroud effect replaced with effect similar to original source.
  • Life Aura now grants temporary hit points instead of healing.
  • Mental Aura effect changed.
  • Resolve Aura and Shround effects altered.
  • Shadow Aura and Shroud changed to be more consistent with other classes.
  • Sight Aura effect changed.
  • Storm Aura changed so it is the same as Flame Aura (which was changed to be more like Complete Psionic’s fire Elemental Mantle).
  • Death and Creation pulled to cut down on the class block. They will return with a later sourcebook with new powers from that book that are appropriate for them.

Ranger – Psychic Archer

  • Psi Powered Leaps renamed to Telekinetic Leaps to avoid sharing name with Psi Warrior power from the Telekinetic Adept feature.
  • Ricochet has been redesigned to work as an extra attack whether you hit the target or not. After attacking a target with a ranged weapon attack, you can make that attack ricochet to attack a different target within 30 feet but no further than your ranged weapon’s range, adding the number rolled on the PED, with a limit of once per attack. If you’re willing to blow your PEDs, you can bounce to more targets.


  • Invocation options pulled to recover space. They may be reintroduced in a later sourcebook, but I’m not that fond of how these turned out.

Warlock – the Geist

  • Horrorfont radius decreased: 20/25/30 and syncs with warlock subclass feature levels.
  • Horrorfont abilities are now in the feature description and balanced around the class chasis.
  • Horrorfont changed to a once per short rest mechanic, but you can spend a warlock spell slot to use it again.
  • Flavor is disjoined from mechanics, so you no longer have to set up signs to take hostile actions.
  • Hostile haunting effects now take a bonus action and are designed similar to the Artillerist artificer’s cannon. When you call it forth, you pick a type which determines what bonus actions you can take. Each is mostly defensive oriented with a little damage.
  • From Beyond the Grave changed to trigger at half hp without using an action. This class was getting too greedy with its action economy and this is more true to the intended flavor.
  • Reach of Despair changed to support the new Horror Font and build on the subclass core system.

Wizard – School of Cerebromancy

  • Now uses a similar system for imprinting powers as the savant. You can add a number of powers equal to your wizard level to the list of powers you can imprint. When you prepare your spells, you can choose a number of these powers equal to half your proficiency bonus to imprint in your mind or “prepare” one instead of a wizard spell.
  • Imprinting powers is restricted to a single discipline for the bonus imprinted powers, but when you replace a prepared spell, you can choose from any discipline for each prepared spell you replace.
  • Resilient Ego changed to allow you to add your Int modifier to Charisma saving throws. Since Wizards have Int and Wis saves, I couldn’t justify an alternate saving throw for the scenario where someone already has Charisma saves, and therefore would gain no benefit from this feature.
  • Myriad Contemplation changed (again) to smooth out bookkeeping and keep it to intended effects. Now you enter a state to allow simultaneous concentration for the next minute once per short or long rest.


  • Fixed error in Boomerang where attuning a weapon was missing its effect.

Power Changes

Every power has been edited and many have received updates. I’ve updated my style guide, so powers should read consistently (a lot of the prior inconsistency was me testing the wording to see what worked better or read smoothest).

  • 4, 6, 8, 10 power point augmentations received a major evaluation pass. If they weren’t compelling to take a hit in damage or effect, they have been baked into the core power, removed, or had their cost reduced.
  • Many scaling augmetations have been adjusted to 2 power points for smoothing scaling experience. 4, 6, 8 is only used when the effect is justified to be valued at two “slot level” equivalents to keep consistent with DMG damage guidelines.
  • Amalgams and astral constructs no longer require a bonus action to command (and no longer auto-repeat prior commands). I pushed against this change, but it was taxing psychic PC action economy too much.
  • Several powers are now using [Tags] to better direct you when you can take certain augmentations. Mystic Arms was the test case in the last test run, and I like the results so tags have been expanded in use and function. Powers affected include: animate electricity, energy blast, extrasensory perception, mind probe, mystic arms, remote sight, shatter psyche, singularity, spirit ward, weather manipulation.
  • Energy power text recognizes there is now a feat that enables energy type.

Accelerated Healing

  • Touch augmentation cost reduced to 2.
  • Increasing maintenance augmentation now increases maintenance to 10 minutes.


  • Reworded damage resistance augmentation to prevent double dipping.
  • Altered damage immunity empowerment to activate when you end your turn with resistance from this power to reduce book keeping and be more relevant for most combats.
  • Environmental survival augmentation no longer needs concentration if that’s the only non-maintenance augmentation you take.

Animate Electricity

  • While numerically this power was working okay, amplified was far more effective than redirection field and wasn’t exactly hitting its intent to “amplify” lightning damage, so I’ve done some redesign.
  • Intention is that 3 power point redirect effect is the best damage option by spreading lightning bolt, shocking grasp, or its own spark. Amplified field with its scaling simply outperformed with less set up.
  • This power should be about the type of field and leveraging those effects with external ones. The solo effects are considered riders. For this reason, all damage effects will require an action.
  • Amplified field bonus damage is now a +1 per die so it scales automatically with the power of the effect.
  • Moving the field changed to bonus action (same as if you change its type) and is baseline if you expend at least 1 power point.
  • Amplified field damage augmentation has been changed: it now creates a static field.
    • Damage now happens when you manifest it or use your action to reactivate it.
    • Entering the field or starting a turn there creates a static charge that triggers when you reactivate the shock within the next round – you choose the targets so no friendly fire.
    • Scaling drastically reduced – redirection augmentation is intended to deal better damage since it requires more set up, but the previous scaling model dominated damage. 1d8 @ 1 + 1d8/4 pp
  • Dimension augmentation cost reduced to 2, but only increases half as much (same effective rate).
  • Bolt augmentation cost adjusted to a tag on augment and now only hits one target. Scaling rate improved.
  • Amalgam now heals in field form regardless of its type and allows you to fire sparks and trap lightning.

Bastion of Thought

  • No longer reflects effects.
  • Gained the mind blank aspects of mental barrier.

Control Light

  • Blinding light effect cost increased and can only affect up to 3 cubes at a time. This increases the benefit of its empowerment and keeps it in check for balance.
  • Quadruple cubes augmentation replaced with a new augmentation that changes the dimensions to 10-foot cubes. New augmentation is cheaper. This should make it a litter easier to track.

Crystalline Construct

  • Auxiliary augmentations had their cost reduced.


  • Melee deflection cost reduced so augmentation is worth using.
  • Ranged augmentation replaced with augmentation that allows you to deflect attack within 60 feet of you (no longer stuck to first target).
  • Power/spell deflection cost increased.

Dimensional Breach

  • Clarified the close end of the portal moves with you and that other creatures passing objects to you requires an action.
  • Made distance scaling level dependent since the power didn’t have a stacking scaling solution.
  • Distance increasing augmentation added for those who still want the extended reach.

Dimensional Dissassociation

  • Level scaling replaced with more consistent scaling. When you spend 9+ power points, maintenance increases to 8 hours, no more stages between 1 and 8.
  • Added expanded dimensional pocket options to allow you and even your group to slip away.
  • 5 power point augmentation no longer has association with the Shadowfell, but still makes you immune to restraint and most impediments.
  • Etherealness and Astral Projection costs increased.
  • I’ve done something I mostly oppose doing: Etherealness and Astral Projection augmentations now refer to those spells and list out the difference. This was done to condense the power.
  • Demiplane function simplified.


  • Now considered a teleport effect.
  • Swapping positions failure when target saves is more lenient.

Dissonant Destiny

  • Reevaluated cost vs. peer powers and spells, resulting in reducing the cost for most augmentations.
  • Added new 7 power point effect.

Ectoplasmic Creation

  • Sticky ectoplasm now restrains a target to make it on par with entangle and better fitting the small base area of effect.
  • Tendril reach empowerment is stronger to offset the cost.
  • Unsettled and poisoned effect no longer get saves, but end when a creature exits the ectoplasm to better balance the augmentation with peer effects.

Elastic Body

  • Manifesting time changed to 1 bonus action.

Empathic Transference

  • Bonus action during grapple changed to auxiliary augmentation at 2 points.
  • 5-point augmentation revised as an empowerment for the 1 point augmentation to make the cost scaling better hit level advancement.
  • Effect sharing better integrated with power’s action economy.

Energy Blast

  • Range is now 90 feet and AoE effects now have static lengths/radii – 60-foot line, 45-foot cone, 30-foot burst, 20-foot radius. Only the lob is a distance AoE, the other three remain with their origin as you.

Energy Storm

  • Ranged storm’s range increased but can no longer be augmented.
  • Removed using creatures controlled by the storm as meat shields. They still can grant cover as normal.
  • Escaping the storm requires an action to make a new save.

Enveloping Darkness

  • Added language for cold damage effect to make creatures that enter the darkness for the first time on a turn to make the CON save.

Extrasensory Perception

  • Several augmentations had their cost reduced.
  • Removed disposition augmentation’s empowerments and reference to saving throws.

Flame Manipulation

  • Hotter flame damage augmentation is again an empowerment for the intensity increase augmentation. I forgot when I rebalanced amalgam damage that I didn’t factor this augmentation in the budget (because I couldn’t hit the model), so I need to take this away to prevent the amalgam from being over budget.


  • Language added to clarify you can’t activate effect twice against the same trigger.
  • In an effort to better distinguish glimmer and precognition, the cantrip and 1-power point effects have been changed. Glimmer is more combat-oriented.
  • Cantrip effect allows you to reroll a failed opposed ability check (so you can’t get a 7th-level barbarian feature for free through it anymore (this was never the intentional use).
  • 1 power point effect allows you to reroll damage, but must keep the new rolls (it’s basically the equivalent to the metamagic).
  • 3 point effect changed to last until the start of your next turn.


  • You can gain weapon proficiencies as well.
  • Removed empowerment that overcomes mind blank since this power taps the Collective Conscious and doesn’t target the creature in question.

Id Insinuation

  • Cantrip effect now disables Dash, Disengage, and Ready actions; no longer affects opportunity attacks. This power needs to better stand on its own, and its low level effects were too similar to ego whip (and generally weaker).
  • 1 power point augmentation changed to be similar to hunter’s mark/hex for the manifester.
  • 9 point augmentation gained a secondary effect since it was functionally equivalent to a 1st-level spell. Its empowerment now stuns instead of restrains.

Inertial Barrier

  • Slow-themed augmentations changed to fit the flavor of the power and not duplicate stasis. When stasis was split from this power into a new power, some mechanical traces lingered.
  • Effects now better match intended flavor, rendering movement sluggish, not creating a hard barrier.
  • Saving throw is now Strength instead of Dexterity.

Kinetic Barrier

  • Still not comfortable with shield of faith effect at cantrip level, so cantrip effect now grants half cover against the first attack made against you. While 0-cost is a significant nerf, the barriers now stack with shields. Without this change, this power becomes the obvious pick up for monks and two-handed weapon users for a free shield AC bonus.
  • 8 pp augmentation has been removed as this power doesn’t grant AC anymore.
  • 3/4 cover moved to empowerment of half cover augmentation; shield shove effect is now an auxiliary augmentation.

Living Weapon

  • Now a simple weapon. You’re welcome monks.
  • Scaling goes 1d6 (1st), 1d8 (5th), +1 crit die (11th), +2 crit dice (17th).
  • Healing augmentation only triggers once each of your turns to put in line with peer effects.
  • Bleeding is now simply 1d8 damage since living weapon’s damage stops scaling at 1d8.
  • Eviscerate damage increased to 5d8.

Martial Insight

  • Critical hit augmentation cost reduced and adds a bonus die of damage.

Mental Barrier

  • To better differentiate this power from bastion of thought, it now applies to any psionic effect, not just telepathic ones.
  • Took over power reflection duties from bastion of thought.
  • Mind blank augmentation removed.

Mind Tap

  • Auxiliary augmentation costs reduced.
  • Blindness effect extend to the start of your next turn


  • +2 attack bonus removed, but pack tactics effect returned as empowerment of damage augmentation.
  • Damage augmentation now adds 1d4 damage.

Mystic Arms

  • Ranged weapon power point tax removed.


  • Language added to clarify you can’t activate its effect twice against the same trigger.
  • Manifesting time changed to 1 bonus action.

Psychic Domination

  • Moved 5-point augmentation to an empowerment of the 3 point one since they were mechanically the same with the 5 point allowing more steps to complete a task.

Pyschic Static

  • New 1 point augmentation that makes concentrating on powers harder to maintain.


  • Removed reference to puppets having a speed, replaced with you moving the puppet.
  • Removed some redundant language.

Remote Sight

  • Getting similar treatment to weather manipulation by making the “clairvoyance” augmentation enhance a sensor (the 1 power point effect) rather than as a stand-alone effect.

Sap Vitality

  • Exhaustion text cleaned up since exhaustion was previously confined to one augmentation.
  • Added language to clarify the 1d8 damage is only when you manifest the power and not each turn. Atrophy damage is the per turn and is tuned to operate as a passive. Initial damage is included so this power has a cantrip effect and so it is 100% useless if the target saves.

Shadow Shape

  • Corrected clause that kept you always in dim light making several augmentations unintentionally always on. Your space is now considered dim light in bright light until you move, renewing at the end of each of your turns.


  • Terminology updated for length: “Center of the singularity” is now “tear,” “crushing zone” is now “draw field.” I toyed with calling it gravitational field, but that’s a lot of word real estate for a commonly referred to term.
  • Base effect rewritten to indicate you can’t move from the singularity’s space to prevent odd behavior when used on flying creatures (you can’t fall out of the singularity). Singularity should be be a lot simpler to use and still as satisfying.
  • Cantrip effect now deals damage on failed save, automatically empowers to always deal damage.
  • Damage system has been revised: all hazard effects require a saving throw (Strength) when entering or at start of turn. Full damage on failed save, half damage on success (numbers retuned to be stationary AoE with secondary effect ~66% normal AoE rate). Ending turn in tear automatically deals full damage. This means that targets in the center double dip damage and the oddity where they can take less damage than targets outside the center no longer occurs.
  • Snare strength increased so Dash action doesn’t trivialize the hazard (still good to escape it).
  • Default AoE is now a 15-foot radius around the tear.
  • Breaking a tether always requires an action to make a Strength check for the tethered creature.
  • Pulling effect no longer has size restraints.
  • The intention is that you only roll the singularity’s damage once in a round, so a creature within the tear takes 1.5-2 times the rolled damage.
  • Missile snare and pull effects priced as auxiliary effects with the introduction of tags.

Size Alteration

  • Added new augmentation to allow you to grow or shrink as an action so you can alter your size as much as you want within power constraints.
  • Stacking restriction is only applied to enlarge/reduce, so Duergar, Rune Knights, and other similar abilities can be used with it.

Spectral Armament

  • Burst damage now scales at same rate as bolt damage.
  • Removed saving throws from sub effects.
  • Burst no longer requires attacking a target, so this power no longer double hits a primary target. Its damage was overall increased to compensate this change.
  • Cantrip scaling includes damage, hit point scaling is now power point determined (10 + 5/pp).
  • Acidic residue now deals damage at end of target’s turn, can be scrapped off, and remains as long as power is in effect, but damage reduced.
  • Burst is now always a 10-foot radius sphere.

Spirit Ward

  • Revised the language on the power and scaled a number of effects.
  • Cantrip effect has changed and should be relevant throughout play.


  • Damaging light is now an empowerment for sticky light.


  • In the interest of streamlining (and so people stop wondering if the -10 feet and half movement stack, and in which order), the cantrip effect now simply halves movement speed (and answers the question posed above for the intent). The move object DC will be moved to the 1 power point effect.
  • After a lot of back and forth, stasis now requires a power attack roll. I considered every saving throw type, and none really fit (Charisma was closest since banishment is a peer effect). This means that stasis can be a much stronger power than its spell peers, so I’ve reduced it target maximum (3 max targets or a sphere) and any creature that moves outside the sphere is no longer affected by the power (unless it reenters the sphere).
  • 7 point stasis condition effect now requires you to use your bonus action each turn to keep targets out of time. Empowerment removes this requirement.

Telempathic Projection

  • AoE effect empowerment changed to additional target since it flows better with the power.

Trauma Infusion

  • Cantrip scaling changed to number of times in a round the target must make a save.
  • Damage is always just 1d8.
  • Debuff effect is now a -2 penalty to AC and can’t take Dodge action.
  • Disadvantage augmentation is each attack roll and ability check. Empowerment adds Strength, Dexterity, Charisma saves.
  • Fear effect is now on par with the fear spell. Paralyzed empowerment is now shorter (still can get reapplied).
  • Increase usage augmentation rebalanced.
  • Multiple target augmentation cost reduced on the scaling portion (4 = second target, +2 for each additional target). This is a tax for the damage and chaos potential that comes in play once paired with AoE damage effects. If it gets out of hand (i.e. too crippling), I’ll change the power to trigger on hit instead of damage and prevent save spells/powers/features from triggering the damage.

Weather Manipulation

  • Power setup redesigned. Instead of primary augmentation model, all functions transformed into tag on effects, from 1 entry point.
  • Cantrip effect is now more appropriate to a cantrip (change temperature, humidity, disperse or condense lightly obscured fog).
  • 1 power point augmentation is the entry point. Choose precipitation (fog cloud-like effect) or wind (push fog and gas effects like a strong gust).
  • Precipitation diverges into rain and snow.
  • From the entry, there are power trees of 2+ point augmentations that allow to further sculpt the power.
  • Call lightning effect is a separate tag on that is determined by whether you have rain, snow, or wind.
  • You can get almost everything at 17 power points (i.e. you get a fully controlled storm as a 9th-level effect). All damage scales.

Spell Changes

  • Dream line of spells (transmutation, conjuration, evocation) have had their criteria corrected to “target other than you” so they no longer wrongly prohibit spells like cone of cold and don’t enable spells with a target that could be you.

Conceal Thoughts

  • Ranged changed to touch.


  • Fixed the damage scaling error (3.5 port error) and buffed its base damage.

Dream Conjuration

  • Removed concentration removal on the Dreamscape: this was to simulate creating a dream construct via summoning a creature or object, but I decided to close this exception as it can have unintended effects and there are other methods to create dream constructs.

Echo of Souls

  • Secondary damage now happens at end of turn.

Energy Trap

  • Restored its original concept of trapping spells and powers when they are cast (like setting up a counterspell in advance). The counter power effect is in a new spell “disrupt power”.

Illusory Double

  • Stun effect removed, swapping requires a Charisma save.

Inflict Pain

  • Now properly lists a saving throw (Wisdom) and deals damage to be competitive with Tasha’s mind whip.

Temporal Binding

  • Switch to hit roll to be consistent with stasis power.


  • Damage increased.


  • Aurasight now properly negates the benefits of invisibility.