Updates Re: D&D 5e Subclasses

Based on feedback, over the next month or so, each class and subclass will get a separate version for GM Binder (and later Homebrewery). I do need to figure out how I plan to handle classes (i.e. whether or not to include one, some, or all subclasses in the class document – not an issue for the site’s version, but is the issue for GM Binder/Homebrewery).

Also, non-PSHB subclasses and classes haven’t been booted from my playtesting queue so I can better use my time for the PSHB classes and subclasses. I did finish tier 1 playtest with some non-PSHB content, so updates in response to that will be pushed alongside PSHB updates.

I am hopeful to start sharing the two other new classes under development soon: the metaphysicist (a summoner class that is different than most) and the tactician (an Intelligence-based martial). Metaphysicist class and six(!) subclasses are constructed, but one subclass I’m planning to tweak because I dislike a certain mechanic aspect, while tactician is mostly just the bare bones of the class with subclasses in the conceptual phase.

On Psychic and Spiritual Handbook player content, I’m aiming to have tier 1 testing done this month with tier 2 wrapped up in June/early July. Tier 3/4 testing will happen afterward. Tier 1 testing tends to be more vital just to ensure things work and flow as envisioned and to adjust early balance and feel. Tier 2 is where most of the serious balance testing comes, and I’m hoping that can go faster since at that point it’s more numbers tweaking and less ensuring that sub-6 power point power manifestations are generally usable and not too niche.

Of course, anyone is welcome to playtest any material from Therin Creative. If I post it up here or on GM Binder, it is at least as usable as official Unearthed Arcana content from Wizards of the Coast. You can relay feedback through any of channels whether that be the feedback form, u/TherinCreative, twitter, or facebook. I do aim to answer questions as quickly as possible.

Thanks everyone!