Site Update News

Over the next few weeks I will be moving some pages around, which will break direct links. In summary:

  • The subclasses moved to the PSHB will get a “5epsi” prefix to be consistent with the other PSHB content.
  • All other subclasses will get a “class” prefix.
  • For now non-PSHB spells will get moved under a new prefix when I roll out “Aronar’s Grimoire” to GM Binder which is the Spells, Powers, and more Feats component of sourcebook #2
  • Beasts in Aronar’s Menagerie (currently GM Binder exclusive) will be trimmed before getting ported to the site. Still deciding whether to make each entry separate or batch them.
  • Core Expansion will be added to the site sometime in the near future.
  • Aronar’s Armory, Exotic Armory, Menagerie, Grimoire, Core Expansion, and all the non-PSHB subclasses are all components of sourcebook #2, tentatively titled “Aronar’s Treatise of Everything” which is a follow up to the PSHB with more content. Some facets of the PSHB will be reprinted in the AToE, but will not be duplicated on site.
  • 5e D&D Content for this site will remain mostly like it is with links to the full sourcebooks or segments for user ease, though I may rename the links in the heading bar to better match the evolution of the project (Possibly to “Psychic and Spiritual Handbook” and “Aronar’s Treatise of Everything” for consistency).

These changes will happen starting 26 Dec, 2021 to avoid sudden surprises.