PSHB – Spiritfonts & Possession Updated

The mechanics for spiritfonts and possessions have been streamlined and improved.

  • Psychic impressions, hauntings, and poltergeist now share the same methods to combat, using the core spiritfont mechanics without exception.
  • Spiritwells are easier to use and the “hellsmouth” variant has been added.
  • All spiritfonts have consistent states: Dormant, Active, and Hostile.
  • Psychic Impressions can possess a creature.
  • Possession mechanics simpler and terminology is now more consistent (you’ll see that the terms possessor and host are used throughout instead of alternate terms like possessing entity).
  • Location possession is gone – use object possession.
  • Monster Manual creature statblocks ar

Additionally, several new subclasses / archetypes have been added to the Options page (4 more will follow sometime soon). The new ones have (NEW) after their links so you can identify them.

These new subclasses are in early design and subject to major change, but check them out and let me know what’s working out or not.

GM Binder versions will not be created for these until they’ve survived a few design passes.

Lastly, the Core Expansion (only on GM Binder) has also been updated with a few new options, including warlock invocation. It also contains random tables for the problematic conjuration spells (conjure beasts, conjure minor elementals, and conjure woodland beings. These include entries that are reflavors of other monsters, all are found in the Monster Manual – optional alternatives from VGtM and MToF will be added later.

The Core Expansion will appear on this site sometime in the not-distant feature (probably before the end of the year), once I decide how to organize it on the website.