PSHB Update – May


Endurance, Muscle Mass, and Reflexes traits moved to 1st level to balance out roster and to address issue where some players feel that manifesting a 2nd trait isn’t rewarding before 5th level.


Powers have been updated to reflect additional playtesting from the last update focusing on tier 1 effects. Additionally, after experimentation, power stats have been standardized: range is now consistent with spells using base 30 feet (with certain exceptions below 30 feet). Maintenance is now set to 1 minute, 10 minutes, or 1 hour (with exceptions for greater than 1 hour), or 1 round with scaling. Augmentations that used to increment maintenance time have either been folded into the power (increasing maintenance to 10 minutes) or work in stages (i.e. boosting a 1 minute maintenance to 10 minutes). This should streamline consistency.

A number of powers were falling behind the target for 1st and 2nd-level spell equivalent effects and have been adjusted. Some powers were proving too strong for cantrip effects and have also been adjusted.

Accelerated Healing – Redesigned to be more focused on over time healing and to better interact with empathic transference. Directing healing is still possible, but is less impactful.

Animate Electricity – Damage die increased to 1d8 and now scales every 2 power points to control upper level scaling from being stronger than intended.

Biomorphic Skin – Changed AC bonus to start at 3 power points (from 2), scaling unchanged. Old 3 power point augmentation changed to never losing concentration from damage and is now 2 power points.

Blood Tendril – Shove effect can now occur with damage.

Decay – Can now add manifesting ability modifier to its damage. Follow-up damage increased to align with lower level damage scaling better; clarified that periodic damage only occurs from the save against this power’s poisoned condition.

Deflection – No longer adds manifesting ability modifier.

Dissonant Destiny – Early augmentations rebalanced to not be worse than frostbite spell. Inaction is now a cheaper augmentation which can be empowered to stronger effect for its level.

Ectoplasmic Creation – Grasping tendrils can now be used on the turn you first manifest the power.

Ego Whip – Cantrip effect enhanced.

Empathic Transfer – Converted to a save DC system for consistency with affinity field effect and more fitting flavor. Grapple augmentation changed to let you transfer with a bonus action.

Energy Cloak – Closed walking back and forth damage exploit by clarify enter or reenter language.

Id Insinuation – Modified low-level effects.

Kinetic Barrier – New 1 power point effect.

Living Weapon – Concentration protection effect reworked to better hit the fantasy.

Mind Probe – Reverted psychic lash effect to a higher cost.

Mind Spear – Damage reduced to 1d8 and ignoring cover is now baseline. Increasing damage is now a 1 point augmentation, increment remains 2 power points.

Mind Tap – Now affects all Intelligence and Wisdom ability checks for 1 point augmentation. Strengthened 3 power point augmentation.

Molecular Agitation – Switched to a saving throw mechanic to be consistent throughout augmentations. Ranged augmentation removed for redundancy since it stopped being a melee attack baseline.

Probability Manipulation – Cantrip effect reduced, extra effects moved to 1 power point. Once you augment this power, it defaults to affecting 3 targets of your choice in range. Multiple triggering cost reduced and can be taken multiple times. Should feel more on par with bless and bane (no, it won’t be quite as strong as either since you can do both effects at once).

Psychic Crush – Baseline effect added to compensate for lower damage.

Psychic Static – Now affects [psionic] tagged spells and effects.

Sap Vitality – Readjusted power point costs and changed some effects.

Singularity – Cantrip effect no longer deals damage, but should be more effective at stopping movement when used at a chokepoint. Damage now requires at least 1 power point in augmentations and still autoscales. Anti-missile attack is now a 3 power point effect with some streamlining to bring it in line with similar effects. A new 1 point effect expands the “stop zone” of the singularity.
Edit: damage now allows Constitution saving throw for half. The damage is just on the border of uncomfortable/too good, but hopefully this gets it to a balanced state since you now get a crushing area with one power point.

Spatial Void – Cantrip level effect is no longer as strong, you need to spend 1 power point to cause fall damage. Dimensions changed to a cube to make it easier to work with. You can also now make any augmented hole horizontal or whatever angle you want, so, yes, you can make slides and chutes.
Edit: horizontal holes now require at least 9 power points to prevent trivializing walls.