Release Schedule

Currently, the focus in on 5e subclass releases. Since I use r/UnearthedArcana as a share point, I release content once a week, typically on Thursdays. The r/TherinCreative post may be up a day or two earlier.

For March, I’m looking at getting the College of Forgotten Echoes (bard) and the Sleuth archetype (ranger) out. In April, expect to see an artificer subclass, the Rimewoad (sorcerer), Order of Trance (savant), Circle of Communion (druid), and College of Motion (bard).

I plan to support the Psychic and Spiritual Handbook (PSHB) this year with additional content leveraging it, so expect to see a psychic flavored subclass every other week or more. The goal is to get a psychic subclass for all classes skipped in the PSHB as well as one for each of the classes introduced in the PSHB. A trio of adventures is also planned to support the PSHB, but details will emerge on those later.

Because of the one per week limit and PSHB support, some subclasses that are ready to go will be delayed. Those will probably get released in GM Binder (like Enforcer was) much earlier, so visitors here (and on GM Binder) will get access to them first.