Note About 5e Subclass Status

I tend to publish early version of subclasses while they are still in design. It’s fine to test these at this phase, and feedback is useful in case you find certain design ideas really work or really don’t work, which can be used to save features you like from getting cut or improve or replace the ones you don’t like.

If there isn’t a GM Binder link on the 5e Options page, then the subclass is still in design or early testing. If a GM Binder version is available, then the subclass is in testing. I do a final review after the GM Binder version is up. Sometimes the GM Binder version isn’t released until the subclass is released, but moving forward I’ll aim to have them out sooner (this week will be an exception).

When the subclass appears on r/TherinCreative, it is in a release version. In cases where the released version is updated from later feedback, I’ll post the status on this site (see Ninja). I don’t announce minor errata fixes like fixed typos or table errors, and tend to fix them when discovered/reported.