4th-level evocation

Casting Time: 1 minute

Range: Self

Components: V, S, M (black pearl worth 50 gp, which the spell consumes)

Duration: Instantaneous

You prepare a spell ahead of time to trigger later. You expend a 1st-level or 2nd-level spell slot to ready one spell you know or have prepared that doesn’t require material components. The spell must target a single target, which can be you, and have a casting time of 1 action or 1 bonus action.

Whenever you cast a spell using your action with a target that the readied spell can also target, you can use your reaction to release the readied spell and cast it at the same target. Once you fire your readied spell or finish a long rest, the spell ends.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 6th level or higher, you can ready a spell using up to a 4th-level spell slot.