This section contains new powers that the DM may add to a campaign, making them available to player characters and monsters alike. The Powers table lists the new powers ordering them by psionic discipline. The table also notes the psionic discipline, whether it requires maintenance, and which classes have access to it.

If you’d like to use any of these powers, talk to you DM, who may allow some, all, or none of them.

Dream WardClairsentienceYesChanneler, Savant, Monk (Way of Insight)
Shadow of the GraveClairsentienceNoChanneler (Medium), Savant
Energy WhipPsychokinesisYesSavant, Transcendent, Monk (Way of Insight)
Triggered KinesisPsychokinesisYesChanneler (Shaper), Savant, Transcendent
InsubstantiatePsychometabolismYesChanneler, Savant, Transcendent, Monk (Way of Insight), Rogue (Shadowmind)
Living ForgePsychometabolismYesSavant
Reanimate TissuePsychometabolismYesChanneler, Savant
Psychoactive TrajectoryPsychoportationNoSavant
ShimmerPsychoportationAug.Channeler (Shaper), Savant, Transcendent
Spirit SelfTelepathyYesChanneler, Savant

*A savant can learn a power of a discipline if it has access to that discipline.