Reanimate Tissue


Manifesting Time: 1 action

Range: Touch

Maintenance: Concentration, up to 1 hour

Detections: Psychic, Visual (glow, overt)

Through psionic energy, you bring life to dead tissue. One corpse you touch stops decaying as long as this power remains in effect.

1. You instill life within dead flesh. An undead creature of flesh and bone you touch must make a Constitution saving throw. The creature takes 2d8 acid damage on a failed save or half as much damage on a successful one. At the start of each of its turns while this power remains in effect it must make a new saving throw. If the save is failed, it is at disadvantage on attack rolls and ability checks. If the save succeeds, the power ends.

You can empower this augmentation to increase the acid damage by 1d8 for every 2 additional power points you spend.

2. You can maintain this power for an additional hour. You can take this augmentation multiple times.

3. You reanimate a body part no larger than a Medium sized creature’s arm or leg or the corpse of a Tiny sized creature. The reanimated tissue becomes a creature that has the same initiative count as you and acts immediately after your turn. It has 5 hit points, AC 10, speed 20 ft. damage immunity to poison, and condition immunity to poisoned. You can take a bonus action to direct a reanimated creature to move and take an action, otherwise it will follow you and take the Dodge action. The creature uses your power attack modifier on its attack rolls and deals 1d6 bludgeoning, slashing, or piercing damage as appropriate for the corpse.

If your reanimated creature is reduced to 0 hit points, it can’t move or take actions. As long as this power remains in effect, you can use your action to touch the creature and reanimate it with 1d6 hit points per power point you spent to manifest this power (up to its maximum hit points) or to touch a different body part to animate it.

This augmentation automatically empowers. For every power point you spend on this power, increase your reanimated creature’s hit points by 5. If you spend at least 10 power points on this power, you increase the damage the reanimated creature deals by your manifesting ability modifier.

You can empower this augmentation to affect a whole corpse of Medium size or smaller, or a limb from a Huge or Large sized creature by spending an additional 4 power points (7). You can further empower this augmentation by spending 4 more power points (11) to reanimate a creature of Large size or smaller. A creature of Medium sized or larger has its damage improved (1d8 for a Medium creature or Large limb and 2d6 for a Large creature or Huge limb).

5. By spending an uninterrupted 10 minutes focusing with this power, a corpse you touch which has been dead for no longer than 1 minute is restored to life and regains 1 hit point. While focusing this power on a creature’s corpse, it doesn’t decay.

You can empower this augmentation by spending 4 additional power points (9) to revive a mostly intact corpse that has been dead no longer than 10 days, repairing its fatal injuries and resuscitating its flesh from rot.

You can further empower this augmentation by spending 6 more power points (15). As long as you have a piece of a creature’s corpse which has been dead no longer than 1 year, you can clone its missing tissue and restore it to life. Once you restore a creature to life this way, any further attempts to clone its tissue through this power will fail as long as the creature is alive.

13. Through horrific profanity, you can detach one of your arms and animate it as a reanimated corpse while this power is in effect. The reanimated limb has movement equal to your own and deals 1d6 + your manifesting ability modifier necrotic damage, unless your unarmed or natural attacks are stronger, in which case it uses the damage die of that attack + your manifesting ability modifier. Your detached limb doesn’t require a bonus action to direct. Otherwise, the reanimated limb is identical to a reanimated corpse’s limb described above.

At any time while this power is effect, you can use your action to reattach your limb, removing any injury it may have sustained.