Dream Ward


Manifesting Time: 1 action

Range: 30 feet

Maintenance: Concentration, up to 10 minutes

Detections: Psychic, Gesture, Visual (overt)

You siphon matter from the Dreamscape and fashion it into a guardian construct which has a dreamlike appearance that you choose. The construct acts during your turn and follows within 30 feet of you, and you can direct it to move up to 30 feet during your turn. It is a Medium construct that has AC equal to 10 + your proficiency bonus and hit points equal to 20 + 5 per power point you spend to augment this power. It has condition immunity to charmed, frightened, grappled, paralyzed, petrified, restrained, and unsettled.

When this power is no longer in effect, or the construct is reduced to 0 hit points, it fades away back into the Dreamscape. The construct can only take actions and reactions permitted by the augmentations you choose when you manifest this power.

When a creature within 10 feet of the construct is attacked with advantage, the construct can use its reaction to remove advantage from that attack. You must choose to do this before the results of the attack are known.

0. When you augment this power with at least 1 power point, the guardian construct can enter another creature’s space and stay there.

1. The construct can take the Help action to aid an ally with an attack roll or on a Strength check to jump.

2. The range the construct can roam from you increases to 120 feet.

You can empower this augmentation to give the construct a flying speed of 30 feet and hover by spending 2 additional power points (4).

3. The construct can use its action to lift a willing Medium or smaller creature. A lifted creature can held up to 10 feet above the construct’s feet. The construct acts as an independent mount, but it can use its action to dismount its rider.

By spending 2 additional power points (5), you can make the construct serve as a controlled mount for a creature it has lifted.

5. The construct can see invisible creatures and can use its action to make a Wisdom (Perception) check with a +20 bonus on its d20 roll. If it has seen a creature within 120 feet of it, it always knows where that creature is as long as it remains in sight and within 120 feet, or up to 1 minute if either condition is no longer met.

As an action, if the construct is within the same space as a creature whose location it knows, it can attach itself to that creature. A creature which it has attached can’t benefit from invisibility and automatically fails attempts to hide. Each creature attempting to hit a creature with the construct attached has advantage on its attack rolls. An attached construct automatically moves with the creature, but will detach if that creature moves outside the range the construct can be from you.

7. Allies within 30 feet of the construct are protected by a dreamlike field of force, increasing AC by 1.

You can empower this augmentation to increase the AC bonus to 2 by spending 4 additional power points (11).

9. Whenever a creature within 10 feet of the construct fails a Dexterity saving throw, the construct can use its reaction to make that creature succeed instead. The construct takes on the effects of a failed saving throw when it does so.