Dream Features

Adventures in the Dreamscape can lead to all manner of fantastic encounters and unique environments. Following are several of the possible encounters that voyagers on the Plane of Dreams may encounter.

If a monster appears in bold, it is in the Monster Manual unless it’s followed by an asterisk, in which case it’s the bestiary.

Dream Prison

A unique dream creates a deceptive prison for a creature. In most cases the trapped creature has no idea it is trapped, as the dream creates a compelling vision of reality, often satisfying the trapped creature’s every desire.

Freeing a trapped dreamer is a difficult task. The dream needs to be collapsed, as reducing the dreamer’s hit points to 0 just results in the dreamer resurrecting within one round at full strength. The dream often has logic that creates one or more “keys” to unlock the prison. As a dream, such keys are likely tied to extreme allegory and are completely counterintuitive. If intruders attempt to free the trapped soul, the dream logic likely contains countermeasures with deadliness proportional to the value of the captured creature.

Trapped Creatures

1−2A humanoid is trapped within the dream of its own volition. It had garnered the power to create its own dream world to escape from reality. As long as intruders don’t threaten its serenity, the trapped creature will remain friendly, but it will meet any threat to its false serenity with deadly force. The creature acts a dream architect within its dream prison and will have powers beyond what most mortals are capable. An especially sadistic soul may attempt to bind intruders to its dream prison to torment for eternity.
3−5A creature which has been imprisoned by magic or psychic means haunts the dream. It has been forced into another form and may lack any recollection of who it was or why it was imprisoned. Its real body may have long since passed (40%), and its only salvation will mean its demise.
6−7A creature imprisoned by spell or power roams the dream. It has been driven insane and seeks only to hunt intruders to bring a moment’s respite from its eternal boredom.
8−9A humanoid has been placed under a powerful enchantment to slumber eternally. The dream changes every 2 to 4 hours as if the dreamer enters a new sleep. The dream prison is inescapable for the trapped creature as the means to free it lie in the enchantment that bound it here.
10−15A powerful spirit which can be a celestial (15%), elemental (30%), fey (30%), or fiend (25%) resides in the prison. It will either attempt to use intruders to help free it (70%) or attack them to drive intruders away (30%). It acts as a dream actor.
16−19The dream appears to be a serene dream, but is actually the domain of a dreamstalker* that has been confined to prevent it from doing further harm. It will seek to isolate and slay intruders using all manner of tricks at its disposal.
20A divine power has been trapped in the dream. It may be long forgotten, and may have forgotten itself. Its dream’s nature often betrays its nature as a prison, as its boundaries are clearly defined. Whenever a creature intrudes upon this prison, there is a 20% chance that another god or its agents becomes aware of the intrusion. Should any attempt be made to liberate the trapped divinity, any divine power aware of the imprisonment becomes immediately aware and is likely to dispatch its agents to thwart such attempts.


Knowledge from the Collective Conscious takes shape as a dream revealing information.


1A scene from the distant past is replayed. It acts as an illusion that completely ignores the presence of creatures as its dream constructs enact history as it exactly happened.
2A scene from the recent past is displayed. A creature can interact with the dream, but any attempt to change it will lead to the dream correcting the course so what happened in memory happens again.
3A scene from a nearby creature’s memory is enacted. It is possible to interact with the dream, but after the interaction, the dream will reset to the point of variance and proceed as normal. It is possible to see content in the dream from beyond the creature’s memory, allowing others to see things from different perspectives.
4The dream shows a scene that is happening now somewhere in the multiverse. The dream ignores all attempts to interfere as it displays events exactly as they unfold. If a creature is capable of transitioning from the Dreamscape to another plane, it can attempt to cross over to the location of the event.
5The Collect Conscious creates a display of a possible near future based on the course set into motion by current events. A creature can interact with the dream, and the dream feels abnormally real.
6A distant future is enacted. It isn’t possible to interact with the dream, and it tends to be short, a portent of things to come.

Spirit Guides

A spirit that takes the form of a familiar creature appears in the distance. It stares at one particular creature. If any other creature approaches it, it dashes off and disappears. If the creature approaches it, it makes a friendly gesture and attempts to lead the creature into a dream.

Spirit Guides

1−4The spirit shows the creature the result of a possible choice it must make within the next day.
5−7The spirit takes the creature to a reflecting pool. If the creature looks into the pool, it sees a reflection of its true self or one bearing an exaggeration of a character trait it possesses which causes it conflict.
8−10The spirit will answer 1d4 questions posed to it. It answers as if the creature cast the divination spell.
11−12The spirit rapidly leads the creature away from any allies. It is a dream form kelpie* (70%) or nightmare (30%) that seeks to harm the creature. If it reduces the dreamer to 0 hit points, the dreamer awakens with a level of exhaustion.