Empathic Transference


Manifesting Time: 1 action

Range: Self

Maintenance: Concentration, up to 1 minute

Detection: Psychic, Visual (glow)

You can transfer 1d6 damage from a creature you touch to yourself. Damage you take from this transfer can’t be reduced or prevented and ignores temporary hit points, but never requires you to make a Constitution saving throw to maintain concentration on the power. You can’t transfer damage that would reduce you to 0 hit points. You can reactivate the power as an action while it is in effect.

0. The amount of damage the power transfers increases by 1d6 when you reach 5th level (2d6), 11th level (3d6), and 17th level (4d6).

1. You can transfer damage from yourself to a creature within your reach. The creature must make a Constitution saving throw. On a failed save, it takes up to 1d6 necrotic damage, and you regain an equal amount of hit points. You can transfer no more damage to the creature than you have taken. For example, if you have only taken 2 points of damage, you can only deal 2 points of necrotic damage even if you roll a 3 or higher. A willing creature can choose to fail its saving throw.

Empower. When you spend 4 power points (5), you can transfer one disease or one condition, which must be blinded, deafened, or poisoned, to or from you when you transfer damage, even if 0 hit points are transferred. A creature which fails its Constitution saving throw is affected by the effect or condition you transfer for the remainder of its duration. If the creature is immune to the transferred effect, that effect ends.

2. You can reactivate the power as a bonus action to a creature you grapple, but you can’t use your action to reactivate the power during that turn.

4. The amount of damage you can transfer increases by 1d6. You can take this augmentation multiple times.

7. You can share the effects of one transmutation spell of 3rd level or less or psychometabolism power augmented with 6 or fewer power points with one willing creature you touch. You choose which effect to share. A shared effect ends when this power is no longer in effect, the shared spell or power ends, or you use this power to share an effect with a different creature.

Empower. For every 4 additional power points you spend, to a maximum of 8, the maximum spell level increases by 1 and the maximum power points increase by 2 that a shared spell or power can have.

9. Whenever you transfer damage to or from a creature, you can create an affinity link with it. As long as the power is in effect, each time you or a creature in the affinity link takes damage or regains hit points, each member of the link you choose takes or regains the same amount.

You can only maintain one affinity link at a time, but that link can contain any number of creatures you add to it. You can target a member of the link to a distance up to 60 feet from you with the power, as if you touched it.

Empower. When you spend 4 power points (13), you link up to five willing creatures and yourself, provided each creature is touching you at the time of manifestation. You can’t add a new creature to your affinity link when you empower it this way.