Manifesting Time: 1 minute

Range: Self

Maintenance: Concentration, up to 8 hours

Detection: Psychic, Gesture

You are able to perceive and affect the dream realm. A subject must be within 5 feet of you for you to focus on its dreams or enter them. While you view or enter a dream, your body is incapacitated. You can only use the power on a creature once within a 24-hour period.

While the power is in effect, you can use your action to focus on a sleeping creature and see the dream it experiences.

1. When you focus on a creature for at least 1 hour, you can attempt to guide its dream in a way to reveal one piece of information the creature knows, including one which the creature isn’t aware it knows, such as a suppressed memory. An unwilling creature must succeed on an Intelligence saving throw, or reveal a dream-like depiction of this information to you. When the creature awakens, it will become aware of this information even if it wasn’t already aware of it.

You can focus on subsequent hours to learn additional information or attempt to uncover the same one as a previous probe. If the dreamer has succeeded on one saving throw against this power, it has advantage on each subsequent saving throw against the power for the remainder of its rest.

3. When you focus on the dream of a sleeping creature, if a spell, power, or other effect, such as a night hag’s Nightmare Haunting action, is affecting the creature, you are aware of the nature of this effect and have a general idea of how powerful it is.

5. When you focus on a sleeping creature, you project your dream avatar into its dream. While in the dream, you can use any clairsentience or telepathy power on the subject or within the confines of the dream. If a hostile creature is within the subject’s dream, you can direct your clairsentience and telepathy powers against it.

Empower. When you spend 4 power points (9), you act as a dream actor within the subject’s dream. You don’t gain the ability to enter an adjacent dream or travel outside of the Dreamscape.

7. If you spend one hour focused upon or within the dream of a sleeping creature, you can alter its dream’s type. For instance, you can change the target’s nightmare into an inspiring dream. Once you have changed a creature’s dream type, you can’t do so again for that creature until 30 days have passed.

11. If you spend 4 hours focusing upon or within the dream of a sleeping creature, you can weave their dream into a compelling world from which the dreamer doesn’t wish to awaken. The creature must succeed on a Charisma saving throw, or it enters a deep slumber from which it doesn’t awaken. This slumber lasts for ten days. While in a deep slumber, the creature doesn’t need food or air and doesn’t age.

Only the Psychic Chirurgery feature or the dispel evil and good spell ends the slumber early.

Empower. For every 2 additional power points you spend, the time a target slumbers increases: one month (13), one year (15), or until removed (17).

15. You gain the ability to enter the Dreamscape while focusing on a sleeping creature. You project your consciousness into a dream, becoming a dream architect able to navigate the Dreamscape. You can travel between the dreams of other creatures. When you travel from the Dreamscape to another plane, your body is transported, along with all of its belongings.

While in the Dreamscape, you can also manifest clairsentience and telepathy powers against a creature’s real body when you are within its dream. A dreamer is completely unaware of your presence so long as you choose, but if you attack its dream avatar, it becomes aware of you and can act according to dream logic.

If you remain in the Dreamscape when the power ends, or if your dream avatar dies, you return to your body with no ill effects.