Bastion of Thought


Manifesting Time: 1 action

Range: Self

Maintenance: Concentration, up to 1 minute

Detection: Psychic

You erect a mental fortress around your mind. While the power is in effect, you have advantage on Intelligence and Wisdom saving throws against enchantment spells and telepathy powers, such charm person and ego whip, and similar effects, such as Mind Blast.

0. When you augment the power with at least 15 power points, its effects persists for you for 8 hours without concentration.

1. Your thoughts can’t be read by any spell, power, or other effect, and you are aware when an attempt to do so is made against you.

Empower. When you spend 2 power points (3) you can mislead attempts to read your mind. Make an Intelligence (Deception) check against the target’s passive Wisdom (Insight) to reveal misleading or false information.

2. The power’s maintenance increases to 1 hour.

4. Each creature you choose within 10 feet of you gains the same benefit as you do when you manifest the power. This protection will remain for another creature as long as the power is in effect and the creature remains within 300 feet of you.

4. You gain resistance to psychic damage and are immune to the unsettled condition. Moreover, you can’t be targeted by a psychic impression.

Empower. When you spend 4 power points (8), you gain immunity to psychic damage and the charmed condition.

5. You can’t be located through scrying or similar means; your presence is suppressed from such attempts.

Empower. When you spend 2 power points (7), you can’t be the target of effects that would read your thoughts or emotions while the power is in effect.