Fortune telling Tools

Often used by charlatans and entertainers, fortune telling tools are said to be able to divine the future. Whether true or not, these can prove an amusing diversion for all parties involved.

Components. Fortune telling tools include a dowsing rod, a small crystal ball, a pack of tarot cards, and various small bones, often from a bird.

Arcana, Religion. When you study a magical or psychic phenomenon pertaining to omens or destiny, you can use your fortune telling tools to make a reading to better understand it.

Performance. You can entertain other by reading omens and interpreting tarot cards or bones.

Survival. When attempting to locate a source of water, your ability to use a dowsing rod helps point you in the right direction.

Divine the Future. Once per day you can grant one creature a reading. Once within the next 24 hours, when the target makes an ability check or saving throw with disadvantage, it can chose to disregard that disadvantage.

Fortune Telling Tools
Interpret an omen10
Gain insight into a client’s personality15
Gain the trust of a client by having it fill in the blanks15