Psychic Conditions

Psionic powers and features can apply several new conditions. These conditions are detailed below.

Condition Immunity
Certain existing creatures should have immunity to some of these new conditions.
Aberrations, constructs, and undead are generally immune to the unsettled condition, as would a creature that is immune to both horror and disgust.
If a creature is unaffected by time stop, it is reasonable that it can’t be affected by stasis. A creature that operates outside the bounds of time would likely have immunity to the stasis condition.
In general, nothing should have immunity to psionic focus or psychic strain.

Psionic Focused

  • A psionic focused creature is concentrating on a psionic power, spell with the psionic tag, or certain class features and feats, enabling it access to features that require the condition.
  • The condition ends when the creature ceases the effect that grants it

Psychic Strained

  • A psychic strained creature takes 2d6 damage at the start of each of its turns from stress while it maintains a power.
  • Whenever the creature manifests a new psionic power, it takes 1d6 + 1 per power point spent damage from stress, and must succeed on a Constitution saving throw against a DC equal to the damage taken or 10, whichever is higher, or the power fails and the power points are forfeit.
  • The creature can’t choose to maintain a new power, but can continue to maintain a power before becoming psychic strained.
  • Damage dealt by stress doesn’t require a creature to make a Constitution saving throw to maintain concentration.
  • The condition ends when the creature ends its turn without taking damage from stress.


  • A creature or object held in stasis is frozen in time and place and can’t move or be moved or speak.
  • The creature can’t take actions or reactions that require any kind of movement.
  • The creature automatically fails Strength and Dexterity saving throws.
  • If the creature is in the air when affected by stasis, it remains suspended in place for the duration of the condition.
  • The creature can still observe its surroundings, think and engage in purely mental actions, such as manifesting certain psionic powers.
  • The creature can’t be moved in any way short of teleportation, nor can it be transformed; such attempts automatically fail.
  • Attacks made against the creature automatically fail unless they explicitly target the creature’s mind or soul.
  • The creature ceases aging, and it requires no sustenance or air.


  • An unsettled creature has disadvantage on ability checks.
  • The creature has disadvantage on saving throws against the frightened condition and illusory and phantom effects.

Condition Changes

The grappled condition receive an additional rule.


  • The condition ends when a grappler is pushed by a psychokinetic effect.