Order of Thought

Also called telepaths, these savants master powers that directly affect the mind. They can alter thoughts and feelings, and even control the minds of others. Most savants of this order are reserved and disciplined, qualities necessary to shut out the cacophony of thoughts abundant in the world of humanoids.

Order of Thought Features
Savant LevelFeature
2ndTelepathy, Sense Minds
6thMental Conduit
10thTower of Iron Will
18thPsychic Chirurgery


2nd-level Order of Thought feature

Savants under the Order of Thought are telepaths, empaths, and mind readers. They can transmit thoughts to other creatures and even mentally assault others.

Through mastery of influencing the wills and minds of others, you can add your Intelligence modifier when you make a Wisdom (Insight), Charisma (Deception), or Charisma (Intimidation) check against a humanoid that you can see within 30 feet of you. Moreover, you can imprint one extra power which must be from the telepathy discipline when you imprint your powers, and you only take half as much time to imprint powers from that discipline.

Your Psi Blast feature gains a range of 90 feet, but you make a ranged power attack instead of a melee power attack against a creature outside your reach. If a target is under the effect of one of your telepathy powers, you make your power attack roll with advantage.

Sense Minds

2nd-level Order of Thought feature

You have an awareness of the thoughts of those around you. You can effectively locate any beast, dragon, fey, giant, humanoid, or monstrosity within 60 feet of you. This allows you to be aware of the location of a hidden or invisible creature, and you can target it with telepathic powers or use its location as the point of origin for other powers, spells, or special abilities.

To use this feature, you must concentrate for 1 minute, during which time you have the psionic focused condition. Once a creature is sensed, you remain aware of it passively until it is more than 60 feet away from you. When you use this feature, your DM will tell you how many minds you sense and their current state (such as nervous, angered, or distracted).

You can choose to focus on one of these creatures, for which you will know its exact location in relation to you. Once you focus on a creature you maintain awareness of its location for up to 10 minutes if it is more than 60 feet away from you, so long as it remains on the same plane of existence. Protected minds, such as through mind blank, can’t be sensed.

Mental Conduit

6th-level Order of Thought feature

Your prowess with telepathic feats enables you to channel psionic energy from a manifested power to maintain an existing power. While you maintain a telepathy power, if you manifest a second telepathy power and choose to maintain the new power, you can continue to maintain the effect of the first power for a number of rounds equal to your proficiency bonus or until you stop maintaining the second power, whichever comes first.

After maintaining a power this way, you can’t do so again until you finish a short or long rest, unless you spend 5 power points to do so again.

Tower of Iron Will

10th-level Order of Thought feature

Your sense of self becomes so secure that you can’t be charmed or suffer the effects of command, suggestion, mass suggestion, and similar effects. Your mind can’t be read by others unless you allow it. Against all other telepathic powers, mind-affecting special abilities, and enchantment spells you may add twice your proficiency bonus to your saving throws.

Your tower also grants you impressive insight. When you are the target of spells, powers, or special abilities that affect the mind, you gain immediate access to your assailant’s identity and can use your reaction to use your Sense Minds feature to focus on it without restriction on range. If the creature is on another plane of existence, you know which plane, but don’t know where on that plane it is.

Psychic Chirurgery

18th-level Order of Thought feature

Achieving mastery at manipulating the mind, you gain the power to delve deep into a creature’s thoughts and alter its memories, talents, and even personality.

Principally, psychic chirurgery is used to repair mental damage or psychological trauma, or to remove baleful effects. It can also be used to implant phobias, erase or rewrite memories, or even foster a new persona.

This feature can change characters in significant ways, and its implications can be game changing. Work with the DM to determine the details and ramifications of this feature.
Be cautious about using this feature on player characters, as the more extreme components can rewrite a creature’s entire personality.

In order to operate, you need unrestricted access to the creature for a period of no less than one hour. An unwilling creature must be restrained or incapacitated during the chirurgery, and must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw at the start of each hour of the operation to prevent its mind from being altered. The effects of this feature can be permanent or endure for months.

If you have access to multiple creatures, you can transfer knowledge and memories between them instead of creating new ones within the same timeframe as a single creature. For instance, if you are transplanting a memory from one creature to another and removing that transplanted memory from the source, it would only take you one hour to perform both tasks.

Whenever a creature is confronted with a contradiction to a new or altered memory or personality trait, it must make a Charisma saving throw against your power save DC. For each success, it regains some of its original memories or traits. When the creature has succeeded on five saving throws, it fully recovers.

In one hour’s time it is possible to:

  • Add, remove, or alter a proficiency in a skill or tool or knowledge in a language. You must know the skill, tool, or language in question or have access to another creature which does and is available to participate in the psychic chirurgery to add it. Proficiency knowledge is lost or restored after 100 days. The time a creature has a tool or language proficiency from this feature contributes to time spent learning it normally. The creature must spend at least one additional day at cost to finalize gaining the new proficiency.
  • Force an astral traveler to return to its body or reunite a lost astral form with its body, provided you have access to the body. A lost astral traveler can only be reunited with its body if the severance happened within the past 8 hours. The creature is restored to life with 1 hit point.
  • Permanently add, remove, or alter a personality quirk, such as a nervous tick, discomfort from a certain stimulus, or stuttering.
  • Permanently add, remove, or replace a phobia to a specific kind of creature (such as spiders), specific person (such as you), specific event (such as sound of metal clanging on metal), specific kind of object (such as fire), or to a particular phrase, possibly if only uttered by a specific person (such as the target’s name if spoken by its brother). You can substitute other primal emotions such as rage or sympathy instead of fear (such as making a target sympathetic to the plight of the innocent).
  • Permanently add, remove, or alter one block of memory, such as the memory of a specific place, person, or event, or restore a block of missing memories, including those altered by spells and powers.
  • Remove one insanity effect, including magical or psychic ones, such as from the feeblemind spell.
  • Remove the effects of the geas or mass suggestion spell or indoctrination from this feature.
  • Restore a creature to its body if its mind has been transferred such as from the magic jar spell or psychic domination power, provided you have access to its body.

In four consecutive hours it is possible to:

  • Indoctrinate the target for 6 months. An indoctrinated creature is charmed by you, and it will follow your orders if it is able. If the command is contrary to the target’s nature or beliefs, the subject can make a Charisma saving throw to ignore that particular order.
  • Create a sleeper agent. You indoctrinate the target (as described above), but set the indoctrination to activate when a specific event occurs, including hearing a particular phrase. You can also mentally program the target to take a specific action when the indoctrination is triggered. A sleeper agent remains so for 6 months or until triggered. Once triggered, a sleeper agent will remain indoctrinated for 1 month.
  • Rewrite a persona. This allows you to partially or completely change a creature’s personality. A creature can be rendered functionally insane (or an insane creature could be restored to its normal faculties). A creature’s alignment changes to an appropriate one for the new persona. This effect is permanent, but can be broken when the creature is confronted with a contradiction against the new persona. Each time it succeeds on a Charisma saving throw from a contradiction, it can act normally a number of minutes equal to its Charisma score.
  • Remove a possessing entity from a host and prevent that host from being possessed for 30 days.

You can only rewrite a creature’s memory or personality to a certain degree; further tinkering will produce no result. A creature’s mind can only be altered by your Psychic Chirurgery feature for a number of hours equal to your Intelligence modifier (minimum of 1 hour) at any given time. Using this feature to restore a creature’s memories or personality traits or to remove mental trauma such as a phobia or a magical or psionic effect such as feeblemind doesn’t count against this limit.

The effects of psychic chirurgery can be undone by greater restoration or wish. Targets under the effects of the mind blank spell or a similar effect are immune to this feature.