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Duality Domain

A cleric of the Duality Domain sees nature as a set of mirrored aspects that are equally complementary and opposing to each other. Examples include dichotomies such as that of body and soul, metaphysical notions such as death and renewal, and concepts such as yin and yang.

Duality Domain Features
Cleric LevelFeature
1stSage, Talisman Casting
2ndChannel Divinity: Sacred Invocation
6thChannel Divinity: Spiritual Containment
8thPotent Spellcasting
17thDiscord and Harmony

Domain Spells

1st-level Duality Domain feature

You gain domain spells at the cleric levels listed in the Duality Domain Spells table. See the Divine Domain class feature in the Player’s Handbook for how domain spells work.

Duality Domain Spells
Cleric LevelSpell
1stfind familiar, protection from evil and good
3rdaugury, see invisibility
5thcounterspell, remove curse
7thbanishment, hallucinatory terrain
9thanimate objects, conjure elemental


1st-level Duality Domain feature

You gain one cantrip of your choice, but it must come from the cleric, druid, or sorcerer spell list. It counts as a cleric spell for you, and doesn’t count against the number of cantrips you know from this class.

In addition, you can use a druid focus, such as a staff, as your spellcasting focus.

Talisman Casting

1st-level Duality Domain feature

You can cast a cleric spell you have prepared using a talisman of some sort (such as an ofuda, bead, or crystal). When you do so, the spell becomes a psionic effect and doesn’t require verbal or material components, unless they are consumed by the spell.

In addition, if the spell is a 1st-level spell with a casting time of 1 action, you can choose to cast it as a bonus action. When you reach certain levels in this class, the maximum level of a spell you can cast as a bonus action increases: at 9th level (2nd-level spells) and 17th level (3rd-level spells).

You can use this feature a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier (minimum of once). You regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest.

Channel Divinity: Sacred Invocation

2nd-level Duality Domain feature

You expend a use of your Channel Divinity to manifest a power from a dorje or cast a spell from a scroll in your possession as if it is a cleric spell for you. Unless the dorje’s or scroll’s attack modifier and save DC are higher than yours, you use your statistics. When you activate this feature, the dorje or scroll immediately appears in your hand, provided you have an open hand.

Channel Divinity: Contain Spirits

6th-level Duality Domain feature

As an action you can entrap a spirit (celestial, elemental, fey, fiend, or undead) within 30 feet that you can see. It must succeed on a Charisma saving throw against your spell save DC or become charmed and restrained regardless of its condition immunities for 1 minute or until you cast a spell other than a cantrip or banishment. A restrained creature has disadvantage on its saving throw against your banishment spell.

If the creature possesses a target, it is instead driven immediately from the host on a failed saving throw, and can’t attempt to repossess the host for 24 hours.

Potent Spellcasting

8th-level Duality Domain feature

You add your Wisdom modifier to the damage you deal with any cleric cantrip.

Discord and Harmony

17th-level Duality Domain feature

You are always under the effects of the protection from evil and good spell. This is both a magical and psionic effect, and unless both facets are suppressed, you retain its benefits.

In addition, you can cast the *dominate monster* spell on a beast, elemental, giant, monstrosity, ooze, or plant with a CR of 11 or less as if it were a cleric spell for you without expending a spell slot.

After casting the spell, you can’t cast it again until you finish a long rest, unless you expend two uses of your Channel Divinity feature to cast it again.